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Ray & Iso's Big Time Tale

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Hello Folks,
Here is Episode 1 of Ray & Iso's Big Time Tales: "Ray of Nope".
It features the song "The Day B4 U Almost Died" by the incredible band 'Officer Roseland'.
I hope you enjoy the cartoon.


Update: I have replaced the original file I had posted with a new one because the sound quality was low. Hopefully this is a little better. Thanks BMack24 for the heads up on the sound.


woooooow :D

2 trhopy in one day men my felix-itations :3

billyblob responds:

Thanks felix-to!

Pretty awesome!

The graphics were really neat, and some of the animation was pretty sweet, for example I really like the when he bounced into the ozone. Some of the animation was really choppy though. I also would like to mention that the effect of flying through the air was really neat. The flash also had a good moral, always wear sun screen. This flash was original, and creative. Good Job!

billyblob responds:

Hello bloo-apple,
Thank you for the nice comments and taking the time to review the cartoon. I agree with you some of the sections are a little choppy. I will try and watch that on future episodes. Thanks again!

the benefits of using sunscreen?

a good lesson, i suppose. can't really imagine what episode 2 will be about though. all in all, pretty stylishly animated, ya did good there. the song was cool too, just wish it were slightly higher quality. if it were higher quality, probably would've needed a preloader, but it ran well enough for me without one.

billyblob responds:

Hi BMack24,
Thank you for noticing the low sound quality on my cartoon Ray & Iso's Big Time Tale. I had mistakenly not set the sound setting correctly when exporting. I uploaded a new version.. It should be a little better now.
Thanks again,


I really don't know what to say, but I totally loved this, and the musical choice was perfect. :)

billyblob responds:

Hey alright Doctormario, I really appreciate your nice comments. The music is by Officer Roseland (www.officerroseland.com). I will be sure and let them know you dig the song. Thanks.

Earth FTW!!

Nice animation, by the way.

billyblob responds:

Thank you EliteAristocrat!

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2010
5:53 PM EDT
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