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Holy damn, its freaking done, This Trailer is for A-R's Story.

Credits to A-R29 for His Character A-R The Psylord
SiloZen is done by me

Sound effects are from various places.

Enjoy!! :D

Background music is Death Before Dishonor By Five Finger Death Punch


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Well then...

You took the time out to find me and ask me to watch your animation so I did. I don't remember you in the slightest but whatever i said three years ago is moot. Your flash animation obviously took some time and you have learned some of the more advanced techniques of animating. Keep up the work, I'm sure you will only get better.

i like it

Gotta say its not bad at all.im a big fan of your work cant wait for it to get released!

That was notbad

Too start off i must admit i do like this flash, you have presented a good rounded out story allthough the flash itself seemed to run abit slow maybe it was the intense effects and detail i did notice alot of detail in the character design, you have an idea here needs more story depth, and while there was lots of detail in the character, i thought the backrounds and backdrops could have used more as they seemed bland, all the characters looked pretty good and you really have something here, but im thinking tone down abit on the detail on the characters and possibly more effort on the story so that it balances out abit more, and maybe the film wont lag as much, anyways good flash here hope to see more of your work soon.

Well as explained less detail on the characters and more depth in the story. also abit more detail in the backround itself

A good flash with some awsome characters but still needs abit more


SiloZen responds:

Thank you for the Review, i am as of now working on the start of the series, due to several mishaps that keep happening im having to keep postponing but i am working to focus alot more on everything and balance the detail out. The story will be explained soon :P


You have improved a lot in the character´s design, but i felt the background was too simple-But good job.

SiloZen responds:

Ah, nice to hear from you again dogmeat, xD the background was but i wish to change it, only thing is, my laptop which i use is broken, and i cant update them :(

thanks for reviewing though :)

You Got Better

Since the last flash movie you made you have improved greatly.
The characters had real bodys and were no merely stick figures. The characters in the flash are animated more smoothly although there is a lot of room for improvement. For example when your character drew his blade you could have made it slower and with more frames. First of all it would be more dramatic like this and second it would look more professionel.
The music you used was fitting and I liked the use of sound effects so you get all points in sound.
Because this flash is only a trailer it lacks a whole story and a long playtime. Therefor it shows the conflict of the two main characters which is I think the main content of the coming flash so it does everything right.
As I said since the first flash done by you I watched you have improved. Of course there is still a lot of room for improvement for example the background shows no detail in contast to the characters. While you show any detail in your characters the background the cliff and the ground show none. As I said the animations can be made better.
So overall you deserve a better rating and I hope you keep on improving your skills - 7/10 and I voted 4/5.

SiloZen responds:

Thanks varien, I took alot of time perfecting my characters, as for the backgrounds. i had to try get them to look right, however your right, i did need more detail on the backgrounds. im finally back, and all those other flashes are history

SAR is the new thing :)

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2010
4:33 PM EDT