Blossom's Bedroom

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Requires flash Player 9 and up, flash player.

*Edit* 1/17/11
I've Updated the swf to be fully Compatible with flash player 10.1, No more sound glitches. I hope

Q - Change Quality. Go to Options Menu for further Graphics Options.
P - Pause, Options Menu.
Arrow keys - Move Camera.
Plus and Minus Keys or Mouse Wheel - Zoom Camera In and Out.
0,1,2,3 on the Numberpad - change Graphics settings quickly. Go to Options Menu for further Graphics Options.

try to fail...

This a small Hentai Game Featuring Blossom from the PowerPuff girls. If your under 18 or don't like Hentai or have a problem with this go away and play something else.

I wasn't originally going to upload this. It wasn't even suppose to get this big. It was suppose to be a small loop that I was probally just going to upload to 4chan or something instead. But every Idea I get Snowballs into a Massive Behemoth and I just have to say it's big enough and this is where the Snowball stopped. If your all nice and junk I'll add more. Maybe...

It sorta scared my when it finally hit me that I made a Hentai game about Blossom! But people have made far more disturbing things. I remember last I made a post last year on April fools with a list of hentai game I was going to make and the PowerPuff girls was up there (and I was kidding at the time). I promise nothing else from that list will ever be made. LOL!

I really Wish this didn't take so long, It even ended up taking my focus away from something else that is about 50% done. but these last 2 weeks have revolved around this so I'm tired and will get back to in a few days. (YES IT'S MORE PORN THAT WAS INTENDED FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!) It's also taken my focus from my non-adult projects. So I do hope you guys can appreciate this for what it is and not what you should be.

I hope you like it and all. I love the PowerPuff Girls... a little too much =3.

Cheats.... what cheats... =\




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JoSilver responds:


Stop raping my childhood!!!

But seriously, this flash is awesome. The animations for blossom was perfect. (I wish you added anal in this flash though.) I even enjoyed your little hentai gallery. Sucks that there was only 5 pictures, but beggers can't be choosers. The only complaint I have is the lack of music and i'm pretty sure you could of pick something better than this.

Overall, I really enjoyed this flash and I look foward to your other submissions in the future. :)

JoSilver responds:

Thanks, glad you like it.

Yeah it wasn't suppose to be that big. Just something small to fill the void and just because.

And the 5 pictures, well I didn't know what else to draw. =\
I always yell at people for not actually drawing the shit in there Hentia Galleries... Now I lead by Example! =D

Good game

The customization needs an image of what you are changing. Though the description is enough. However, the hair color needs discription of what the color will be when you change it.

The gallery needs the 'x' there all the time to go back to the main menu, not just in the zoomed in mode.

Otherwise, a good game. The different views also allow for different tastes or what the viewer wants.

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JoSilver responds:

Sorry about the lack of an image for customization but it things were getting to cluttered to add one.

And move the mouse around... The X buttons hide when the mouse is away from it.

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4.06 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2010
4:29 PM EDT
Simulation - Other