Sixteen Talented Racers

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Watch these talented racers race! Bet with your friends and family!

At first it's a large crowd, but as the seconds pass by, the racers drop off one by one, until it counts down to the final two! Oh no! Who's going to win? And who's going to die? I just can't handle the pressure! Oh, I'm dripping with sweat! Oh my! The room's starting to fill up! It's up to my knees, drenching my toes! Who's going to win? Nobody knows. Uh, oh! It's up to my neck! And I can't swim! I'm pathetically flailing my arms and legs! But that's generating more sweat! The room's full! And the ceiling bursts! Ahhh! Fresh air! That's better!

The regular, six-racer version is at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/532360 !

Why is it classified as a game? Because, if you want to, you can bet with your friends and family!

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It's an addicting thing to watch. Interesting use of power-ups and blockades. I bet black and he won. I'm not sure if it's truly a luck tester, but it definitrly can keep you occupied if at least for one viewing until the race is over.
When the race is over, we should be able to single out a single color so as to tell which one is where. It's quite confusing otherwise.

Can work as a luck tester. if u can guess how wins in try u r lucky sir.
I guessd black and he won. only a 2 because it is not really a game

hey this is fun :D

good game :D your the best :D

Boring, yet amusing

This game is extremely boring...
Yet I find myself wanting to watch to see who wins.
My only suggestion would be a system where you could bet on who comes in at what place

"The black guy just got vaporized"

... Really!?

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3.64 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2010
7:31 PM EDT
Simulation - Other