Kyubichan Sings! (TNF)

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Hi guys! This is my second flash submission to Newgrounds. I'm really happy how it turned out and feels totally different in style from my other flash animation (Which you should go see if you haven't already). I'm still a Flash newbie so I still fail at action-script, drawing, etc. This is yet another TNF (Theninja-forum.com) related flash, which is the forum you'll see me most in and where the source of my flashies come from. Please try to leave some criticism on my flash, I'd really appreciate it, unless it's ranty spammy trash criticism. Then I'll just ignore you.

EDIT: I still haven't gotten the preloader/play button down right. It goes right to the play button when the video hasn't fully loaded. HALP?

EDIT: Nevermind. I fixed the preloader mahself.

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ok notbad

ok well first off i thought it was just the text but then came the art, so maybe you should shorten the starting point just abit so you can get to the art part faster, as soon as i got to that portion it was more pleasent all and all it was an ok flash you have here

cut out the start just abit

Abit long but still a good entertaining laugh from this one


Redtaurus23 responds:

Thanks for reviewing my flash animation. :D. I knew I should have cut down the build up a bit.


I really like your drawing style man! =O
I actually did not expect you could do that already, keep this up man and you will become one of those great flash animators here on newgrounds.. I am not kidding.. For your first drawn flash this really looks very very nice and good! ^_^
Can't wait to work with you on future flashes!!!!

Redtaurus23 responds:

Thanks for the comments, TGJ. :D. I think I can do even more with flash if I put even more effort into it, but I might pass out from the sheer work of it all. xD. You should also try giving your voice to other animators here in Newgrounds to work your way up to being a really good Voice Actor.

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2010
10:13 AM EDT