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Thanks for the daily 3rd!

**Warning: Stick figures up ahead**
**Remember to check out Felix's site!**

This was my entry for the FA Official Competition: Tribute to the Classics. I created a tribute to Felix Massie's classic icantcolourin series. It runs about 2 minutes long, and the music is by the band "OK," which is used in Felix's animations.

After much deliberation, I decided to submit this flash to NG since the originals are also hosted here; I'm sure many of you have seen them and will recognize which series I am paying tribute to. You can see the originals on Newgrounds: the original author's username is "FelixMassie" and the submissions were uploaded around the early 2000s. This is a really really late submission, sorry you guys couldn't see it earlier! I actually finished it a few months ago.

Felix was one of my main inspirations to pick up flash animation 5 years ago. I can't thank him enough, and it truly warms my heart to see that Felix has become a director as well as a freelance animator. Felix has also made the films "Keith Reynolds can't make it tonight" and "The surprise demise of Francis Cooper's mother."

http://www.fluidanims.com /

http://www.shiftlimits.co m/

My dA:
http://lf2master.devianta rt.com/

OK band pages:
http://www.myspace.com/th atbandok
http://www.facebook.com/p ages/OK/81056970025

Felix Massie:
http://www.youtube.com/Fe lixMassie


i miss icantcolourin...

the website was awesome until it all collapsed... nice tribute! awesome!

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Quite nice

Loved it, quite original and animations were smooth.

Quite original

At first I thought this was going to be just like some other cartoon I saw, but it was quite different! I really liked how these sticks appeared and for once they didn't fight each other! Sure, there was still a stick that was killed in a gruesome way, but not in the fighting kind. That alone makes this memorable as does the great song used. It was interesting to anticipate what would appear next as an obstacle. It is probably one of the more optimistic stick flashes, even though it does have some blood.

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friken awesome! But it made me sad D:
but friken awesome!

I Love it.

IM Going to Buy the bands music now (Frost Wire) LOL, no but al joking aside i think this is amazingly good. Also i had to watch it again, sad green got out ok but then he was traped in the little Triangle ';c

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Apr 4, 2010
2:11 AM EDT
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  • Daily 3rd Place April 5, 2010