Odysseus: Ep2 Faithful

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Odysseus: Table side tales episode 2 (with ep1 included) is finally out! It's a long one, about 7 mins, so be ready for it. It contains both episode one and two because we are planning on submitting it as a class project and a film festival so we want it to be our best work.

Theres a super sneaky easter egg somewhere..

*Huge thanks to Tom for allowing us to upload this beast!!*
Thanks for the frontpage too! Means alot!

btw.. it's a nose, and a damn fine one at that. :)


got better

At first I couldn't hear anything they were saying, but it improved. Also maybe this is just opinion but I thought their nose's looked really awkward, I feel as if they would be better left off then attached to the side of their head.

my flesh is sexy lol

i like how you draw your characters, they remind me of lego's (for some reason). I had goosebumps as i was watching this. Odysseus is just so wrong and crazy here, but it's funny and i love it when he imitates the voices of the people he's met in his tales, that made it more wacky.

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Jonimator responds:

haha glad you enjoyed it
- John

Whats with all the hate?

Are people this stupid, like deathrol here?

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This was really great. I hope you do the entire story of the Odyssey.

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what are you parodying?

This barely counts as the Odyssey. You do know that the men do not know what the sirens sound like and there is no hint that the men do in the Odyssey. Another problem is that when Odysseus goes and tries to rescue his men they are already pigs. Overall this is a fail parody of the Odyssey, and because of this it gets a which gets a low score.

Next time read the Odyssey.

Jonimator responds:

hahaha. is this guy serious?
are you criticizing a parody for not following the odyssey precisely? Do you even know what a parody is? maybe read up on it. Had you read the odyssey, you'd realize that on his homeward journey he conveniently runs into deities, witches, and various hotties who force him to have sex with them. The joke, genius, is that Odysseus fabricates the whole pig story so that he can get with circe.

Next time dont let your pride get in the way of what little intelligence you possess.

- James

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Apr 3, 2010
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