Odysseus: Ep2 Faithful

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Odysseus: Table side tales episode 2 (with ep1 included) is finally out! It's a long one, about 7 mins, so be ready for it. It contains both episode one and two because we are planning on submitting it as a class project and a film festival so we want it to be our best work.

Theres a super sneaky easter egg somewhere..

*Huge thanks to Tom for allowing us to upload this beast!!*
Thanks for the frontpage too! Means alot!

btw.. it's a nose, and a damn fine one at that. :)



He reminds me of Zap Branigan (sp?) from Futurama.

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1,000 Vote! :B

Huge fan of this series, and I'd like to see it continue indefinitely!

I'm aware that you're not in need of suggestions, haha, but I, along with many others, would love to see the entirety of Greek mythology made in this medium, undoubtedly.

More more more! :D

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The most quoted flash ever!

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haters gona hate. i thought it was really good, the animation was fine cookey, its the guys style, tho mabey if you took of the noses(or the things on the side of their bodies) it wouldn't be to bad. loved the age of mythology music and slight historical content! great job!

Good Storytelling or Great Fabrication?

Even the most boring, unfulfilling things in life can seem great if only you overexagerrate and flub the details when story-telling it to others. Sadly, we no longer live in an age where you can get hijacked by sirens on your way to the grocery store, and the Cyclops no longer tries to assault you during rush hour traffic. Otherwise, it'd be far easier to explain away the liptstick on your collar to your wife when you got home.

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Apr 3, 2010
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