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The multiplayer tutorial

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----------The multiplayer Tutorial----------

This tutorial covers everything the budding flash developer needs to know about making multiplayer games. I wrote this tutorial to be EXACTLY what I would have needed when I started making multiplayer games. Instead, it took me about 1.5 years (part time) to learn and research all the finer points of multiplayer games, especially for flash, where the market hasn't matured yet.

This tutorial should be helpful for everyone, from the interested non-programmers to veterans. Take a look through, you may be surprised at what you find.

Due to the fact that I cannot host examples, etc. remotely, only part of the tutorial is hosted here. Please continue to the playerio site to get everything.

Comments always welcome!

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It was interesting...

But then you started using an API and cut out all the possible server creation that would of been fantastic for people who really want to get into the nitty gritty of server programming. I built a multi-player server in Java from scratch and it was the single best learning experience I had with both Java and Flash and trying to get them to work together. I am a much better programmer because of that experience and because I understood every single aspect of what my server was doing at any given time.

Aside from that, the actual concepts were very well presented and will certainly give some people food for thought!



good job u seemed to cover alot of things about multiplayer games if i was ever to make one i would use this for sure.

very helpful !

This is quite useful for those who love creating games. I have created several games, But I am far make the leap to multiplayer ...always requires time and a lot of patience...XD!

Very informative and structured

I liked this tutorial a lot. It was easy to understand and packed a lot of information.
This is a very good introduction to the subject and is bound to help a lot of game developers make the leap (or at least test the waters) of multi-player game development.
Overall, I had a great time reading your tutorial. Keep up the good work!