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Twilight New Moon parody

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This is a refreshing retelling of the entire ''plot'' in 3 minutes. Some things might have been exaggerated a bit... You just have to find out for yourselves! It might not make much sense if you haven't seen the movie.
The rough black and white animations are part of the joke and they also give a special attention to the colored scenes. I never had such an extensive use of sound and dialogues in my animations before.

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Okay. I happen to be a girl who loves Twilight. But I also love watching parodies that make fun of it. This, sir, has made my top 5, along with Hairy Moon and Twhylight. Hilarious the entire way.

and so the twinkling bastard is dead. finally. thank you sir. thank you for killing that porclian doll looking, twinkling in the sunlight fairy. you are my hero. mad props to Jesus. without him, that pale faced twit would never have blown up.

Veinom responds:

I fell you man. Not on the jesus part but yeah that fairy had to die! XD
Making this movie was a rememdy to my sanity.

Better than the movie.

Very funny parody.


I am not a guy who hates "Twilight" but I have to admit that was the least in the series. Anyway, what made this cool was just because of how amazingly silly it was! Every second of this submission there is something ridiculous going on. I love how you portrayed Bella as this whiny woman who went insane over everything. She had the funniest, stupidest voice ever and the animation was perfect. Every action the characters took was exaggerated to the perfect extent.

It does have a feel of dumbness in it, but it's so hilariously bad it's hard to dislike it. The best animation was probably whenever Edward had a rainbow on his skin. It was funny how Jacob seemed to have like sixty abs on his chest. Then again, I would not know the exact number of abs a person has. A zombie is really more necrophilia.

Veinom responds:

That was the best and longest comment I got in NG and utube! And you can use words in a great way, they made me smile XD
This movie doesnt touch everyone, it was made completely for myself and needs a special kind of audience to like it. Im glad it touched you and yes it was made to be silly and dumb, because that's how the movie was through my eyes :)
Jay did a great job doing the all the voices and little rainbows on Edward actually exists in the blueray version of twilight, just not so.. exaggerated!

Super funny.Love it. :D

Great.Everything was so funny.Specially everything with Jacob. And Bella's dreams and Charlie's head. lol.