Goku. vs. Vegita. FINAL

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The final episode of this amazing serie

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Well.... ._.

Well, the truth is that your animation on the part of the fireball has a lot of lag, not saying that is wrong but can improve,however the animation is very good!

good, but...

i dont get it , i'm sorry,the story is to confuse,i know is just random fighting,and i like that but...
on episode 1 goku and vegeta are fighting,on MUSHROM KINGDON,why?!
on episode 2 they are still fighting on mushrom kingodon,but mecha sonic comes out!!!!! wtf?
and on episode 3 you made a good fight ,they ended fighting on namek witch is not on Mario world ,but there is no end, this episode FINAL you shoud make someone dying,by a brutal way :D,but you didn't.

well i hope you accept this review as contrustive criticism or whathever
i just dont want you to take this to the wrong way.

Other than alllll of this ,you animation was great!You are good on that dude keep it up!
And you really like smbz arent you?



wow.. this... is shit.
fireball is like 2 minutes. this only gives score 1/10
bad animation
like nothing happened when they hitted eatchother.
only thing that is good it is short '-.-
i dont want to be mean im trying to help


Let me start by saying, I dont really like these kinds of flashes in the first place.

Im sure a lot of things in here made sense to you, but they made no sense to me. For example, the guy on the right shot a giant laser from his hands, but there was no follow up. The guy on the left dint dodge or anything, its like we just pretended it never happened.

Generally pretty anticlimactic.

It also ended rather abruptly...

Pretty good.

But there are some parts that are dragged on for too long, like when the beam collides with metal-sonic, and why does this end so abbruptly?

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2.91 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2010
11:49 AM EDT