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Riddle School 5

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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Apr 2, 2010 | 5:04 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged April 7, 2010
  • Daily Feature April 3, 2010
  • Weekly 3rd Place April 7, 2010

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Author Comments

Hey, everyone. I've changed my online username. I am no longer JonBro, and I won't be continuing anything that was made with the JonBro name. If you want to see an archive of my older work as well as what I'm up to now, you can find out here:
Riddle School 5

I'd like to state for the record that you're not supposed to click on the broken tile to beat one particular room of the game. Clicking on a random object shouldn't have immediately led to a cutscene. That was a glitch when I first submitted. You're supposed to legitimately find and solve a puzzle in the room!

* Another note *
Unfortunately, it would appear the music for the puzzle room at the end of the game is no longer online. The creator has a music contract of some kind, meaning the song probably won't be put on Newgrounds again.

The finale to the Riddle School series. Not a joke this time.

This is the longest, craziest, and best game of the entire series. Sorry about the file size, but this game really is big. You might want to fit in some time to play it because it takes more than ten minutes to beat, and probably a good bit longer if it's your first time playing.

After the many helpful comments I got yesterday when I submitted RS4, I got right to work and finished this in one day. No, I'm kidding, I've been working on this for two months. I had the wild idea after making RS4 that I could start and finish RS5 between the first of February and the first of April. I didn't quite make the deadline, as I finished it today, but I wasn't going to release it the same day as the fourth game anyway. I was really going to release it tomorrow, but then today felt right.

I don't really want to spoil any of the plot twists, settings, or puzzles in this game, so witness for yourself this hopefully climactic point-and-click adventure.

Also remember that after you beat the game and see your time, you can view the game's Special Features.

The timer at the end states how many minutes you played, and how many seconds you played. For some reason, those are two separate things. Sorry if anyone's confused like I was lol

Thanks for the frontpage :D

Riddle Transfer:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

woot! i beat it!

the thing that i liked the the most about this series is that him escaping from m school in the first game is what caused the whole problem. I hgot really confused on rs4 because no matter what you do you end up falling into the pit. but i liked how it ended up explaining what happened. 10/10 stars

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm a dumb twat

Took me an hour and half to finish it but all together a good game if a bit simplistic. It has a Voltron quality to it in that all fit well together


Rated 5 / 5 stars

BEST of the series

this really explains why riddle school 4 ended and pissed me the fuck off like it did sooooo... um...thanks for making me realize that there was a plot involved in that one... u destroyed the ending though EPIC FAIL with the stay in school thing cause that is the least of my intentions!!!

JonBro responds:

I don't like the idea of staying in school a lot either, but in my mind, it was the perfect moral for the series. And by 'perfect moral for the series', I mean it made me laugh when I thought of it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


First room look under bed. Grab coin go to the vent. Untwist screws with the coin. Grab the screws.Go in the vent. In the background, there's a machine that has a puzzle match squares to look like the numbers on bottom of screen. Now go to Smiley's room. On the right wall there's a hidden door. Go through it. Get meat. Go to plant room and get the potted plant (not the ones in the ground).Look in at the moose picture. Below it is tray pick it up and drag it to the dirt that the plants are in(ones in ground not your potted plant). Now put the meat on the tray. Now go to Phred's room. Get card key. Now go to Zack's room get screw under bed. Then go to the life transferring station put plant on living side and meat on dead side. Put all of the screws in the control panel. Press the green button and you get a weird meat plant. Go back to room where you went out of (your room) and the vent. Use the card key to go in and put the meat on vent. Now if you solved the puzzle before, you can use the statue so guard will run past you. Put card key back in slot and go to door he was guarding. Use the number of your friends room(number is at the top of the door) go back to chair type in code in keypad (keypads on the arm of chair). Type in their number.
Phred's dream:
Ask Phred if he wants your hoodie then stop talking to him. Look in background. There's a thermostat. Turn it and ask him again.
Smiley's dream:
It's the beginning of the 3rd riddle school. Do what you did in the 3rd one, but when you shoot his glasses off, click on Smiley. She goes up there. Click on her.
Zack's Dream
It's riddle school 2. Do every thing you did on 2. Once you blow on whistle, click on Zack. Now go to their rooms and talk to them. Go to escape pod. There's a ship: go to sink and unscrew the faucet. Take faucet. Go solve the square puzzle, and the one next to it. All you have to do is type the number that's on top of it take key. Go to statue on left. Click on the dot puzzle. The answer is that the dot poster is to be but upside down. Click the button in back of room. Go to mug. Click on the glue next to the sink. Glue mug back together. Now combine faucet with mug. Dip it in hot lava and go to right statue. Click on it and use lava on wood. Use key. Click button in the background. Click steering whee. Congrats, you beat the last one. Good bye Riddle School!! *sniffle

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JonBro responds:

I'm amazed at how concise this review is. Most walkthroughs stretch out longer than this. You left out that you have to look at the note next to Mr. Munch's desk in Phred's dream but everything else looks pretty accurate. Good job.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Really great game!! I loved the series. Too bad this is the last installment though. Well, all things must come to an end, i suppose. But anyway, awesome game dude! Keep it up!