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Hey guys! I started this project about a year ago in order to learn ActionScript 3, self teach ftw.

There's 13 campaign missions, 9 weapons, over 30 enemies, and 4 minigames.

I did all the animation / music / programming, what do you think? All reviews will be read and are greatly appreciated :)

Controls (customize these in the options):
Aim: Mouse
Fire: Left mouse button
Move: WASD
Throw Grenade: Spacebar
Switch Gun: Q
Switch Grenade: E
Pause Game: P
Weapon Hotkeys: 0-9

Remember you can set the quality to low if its laggy! (right click menu)

Sticky movement glitch
Cause: Accidentally clicked outside of flashplayer while walking
Fix: Click back inside game and press then release direction you're stuck walking in


not bad but...

you are into something here, the game-play mechanics are efficient enough, you just need to polish it a little. dont know maybe you could make the spiders to jump toward you or even away from your line of fire, maybe make them turn around and shoot spider web at you or something that would make the spider more interesting to fight, also the goblins, make them throw an axe at you or make them do some dash to try to avoid your fire. you should do stuff like that with other monsters aswell.

also...most of the time I wished there was a proper level rather than just the screen running down. you know maybe a castle ora jungle or an abandoned town or a destroyed town or a military base anything.


a recurrent bug was the characters getting stuck while moving in certain direction he just keeps running on his own in one direction and he doesn't respond to any other command. you should look into that bug.

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ZT responds:

The enemies get more complex as you progress through the game (skeletons throwing cleavers, big blue demons with giant spears, weird icicle-launching stomach dudes). I tried to keep it simple early on for newbies.

I'll try to design more complex environments in the future. Until then, thanks for playing!


Kinda fun but still kinda lame

ZT responds:

If you're finding the game laggy, try switching the quality to "low". You can do this from the options menu, or by right clicking at any time.

Thanks for playing!


I really love this game, but upgrades and fixing the glitch where you get stuck in a corner would greatly improve it.

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ZT responds:

You can upgrade your weapons and buy ammo in the shop, check it out!

Thanks for playing,

A little bit more and you've got a 10

You've got good game mechanics, but I wish there was a way to upgrade the damage for the default weapon. Forcing us to buy ammo for it kinda sucks. Maybe some sort of "weapon exp gauge" or something would work?

Also, a bug I've noticed is that sometimes I keep getting stuck along the borders of the screen, which results in me getting raped.

Otherwise, great game! :D

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ZT responds:

Sorry about the sticky bug! It vexes me :(

Weapon exp gauge is interesting sounding, I like the idea of gaining exp on a per weapon basis.

Thanks for playin', Cormalin!



ZT responds:

Bwahaha! Glad you liked it man!

Thanks for playing :),

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4.19 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2010
8:03 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 5th Place April 3, 2010