Manic Depressive Man 3

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It is a hefty file, I know. But do not think that I do not care about you dialup modem users out there. I too only have a modem. Anyway, this episode takes place after the bikers trashed the restaurant in the last episode. If you need to know what is happening, then you should really see the other two episodes. Anyway, I really put my balls into making this episode, so have a heart.


That was awesome!

Cool! I loved the button at the end of the movie! I gotta watch it again!


That kicked ass!!the sound needs some work other than that it was cool

la la la

i thought it was pretty good.. i mean you spent alot of time and energy makin this and it was kinda humerous. but i think that MDM should have screwed the chick in the freezer before she died. oh well, things arent always as they can be! keep it up kiddo.. good work

this was really lame

BUT i can see you spent a lot of time on it, so i wont be a total fucker when voting on it

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Kurt-Reznor responds:

Well, it's easy for you to say that this was lame. Everything is lame compared to your kind of animation. Seriously, I've seen all of your videos and I've voted 5 multiple times. I really liked the "Big Mistake" series, myself. But "lame" is all relative to the person viewing it. I mean, one man's meat is another one's poison. So you SHOULD have said "I think this is lame". Just because you say something doesn't mean it is true. Anyway, thanks for reviewing my movie though. I still think you rock even if you did find it "lame"

Excellent Concept and Style

I love the desperation portrayed in this series. It's so sublime and sarcastic! From what you've written in the review/feedback forum you've been able to do this with very limited resources...I'd be very curious and anxious to see some more of your work with access to a better system (ARE YOU LISTENING MIKE JUDGE?!) Oh yeah....I also have to say your "Dehydrated Mexicans" is the FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!! I think it should be viewed daily to get us all off on the right foot. Good Luck!

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3.54 / 5.00

May 31, 2002
9:25 PM EDT
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