Can't Take a Joke

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April Fools Day rolls by again, and this guy still can't understand that a joke is fake.

...yeah, this happened during school. I'm... that slow.

Done in about, oh, 4-6 hours, give or take. A simple animation for time I didn't really have... yeah, and I did get lazy with the mouth animations. Oh well... so much for using 1 pose and 1 setting.

Anyway! Enjoy this 50 seconds of animation!


not bad

is the kevin baconess finally over? hmm..... i

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supersysscvi responds:

Well, I get internet memes like I get jokes... slow. So I don't even know what a Kevin Bacon is.


wasn't bad... wasn't great.... somewhere in the middle. also, why submit something for a specific day after the fact? it's like watching an xmas special in June... nobody wants to see that.

supersysscvi responds:

Well, I thought at ten o'clock at night: "Hey, why don't I make an April Fools Day animation?" I realized half-way through that I wasn't going to finish on time, so I decided to make the credits... realistic. Or maybe just more realistic; your review hits my rational expectations right on the dot.

pretty good

it was ok in my opion :)

supersysscvi responds:


4-6 hours

This happens to me all the time. I always seem to be oblivious to any joke on this one specific day and then I just don't understand when someone is joking or not by the end of the day. I think you did quite a swell job for not taking that much time on this video. The only thing I would suggest is working on actual mouths instead of just the black hole mouth but it's your own choice on how you draw your characters.

supersysscvi responds:

Actual mouths... one of those things I cut due to my laziness. I'll remember them (and better detail) next time.

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2.93 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2010
1:49 AM EDT
Comedy - Original