Stick in the Mud

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A young boy loses his stick while playing in the mud. Sadly he can't get back his stick because the stick sinks into the bottom of the mud pit. It is there that the stick finds a great civilization made of frogs who build houses, stores, cars etc. The frogs accept the stick and life is initially sweet.

That is until the ants wage war on the frogs! The ants want their land back from billions of years before they left the land. The frogs refuse to give up their new found land, so the stick wages war with them. He becomes their commander and chief and decides how to take down the dirty ants once and for all. He is soon promoted president and then king and then God by the frogs.

It is here when he realizes that what the frogs did was truly evil. They didn't take the ant's land after centuries after they left, they forced them out. The stick must now make an important decision of which side is he on. This will be very difficult. Will he join the good yet misunderstood ants or the evil yet seemingly benevolent frogs in this battle? As Yoda would say, "a touch decision this is indeed yes". You will have to stay put and find out in order to see what happens next though.

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epic gamer moment

even better than the description tells you

Like virtually every Ghey Carl Winslow original, you've got to see this one for yourself to believe it! Who could miss the uproarious cameo by Dick T. Clown? Not this Lurg. And it's crammed with literary merit too, especially with the biting satirical analysis of racial disharmony in upper-lower-middle class American suburbia. I hope you don't think it's trite when I wish I could give this an 11 out of 10!!


you could seriously give ppl seizures but the actual song part was pretty funny.

This made Kevin Bacon so happy :')

Said enough

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Apr 1, 2010
8:31 PM EDT
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