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Wee Express

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Consider it a simulation game, a first person shooter game. About every man faced this situation when outside.
For girls: it's still a simulation game also. If you had a tool, you would probably do it in public toilets too.
Tech facts:
As you go on higher levels, there will be **** all over the place! Beware!
To mute the music, there's a button on the HUD. Instructions are there too but I'll list here.
SHIFT (hold): super spreader;
SPACEBAR: "reload";
MOUSE: point and shoot;
5 achievements;


When I play games like this I am thinking what the hell am I doing with my life?

Of all the games to leave my first review on, it had to be this one... haha

So, while this game had it's interesting points, it got dull quick. I liked that the difficulty increased over time and especially right after you got drunk (discouraging drinking willy nilly) but simply decreasing the amount of time while adding more poo seems like a cheap method of adding difficulty. Some being at a lighter opacity (and I think some appeared as the level progressed) and these were good methods of added difficulty.

Here are some ideas: have perks and disadvantages. Examples being 'split stream,' 'slow stream,' 'power stream' and so on. Diversity in removing them could add as well, for example, some might need to have a steady stream for longer while others need to have their whole area sprayed in order to come off. Different levels of excrement, one could say. Perhaps add a moving element, such as a cockroach skittering around or something.

That being said, I get that it's a silly game, so... take my thoughts for what you will.

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not bad but...
how the hell am i´m going to pause this when i really need to pee

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Eh not bad

Only fun part is when you get drunk as hell and everything becomes all laggy.Also everything becomes blurry.Ummm but there is no point to this game

It was alright

but the lag after you refilled was annoying as hell.

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Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2010
5:38 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person