Billy's Quest

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The re-release of the real-time rpg game, now known as Billy's Quest.

Original Post:
Explore a vast world. Fight Wolves, Orcs, Giant Spiders and dozens others in Real-time combat. Collect shiny armour, powerful weapons, and hundreds of other items.

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Release Version 1.04.0:
Release Version 1.03.1 C:
I fixed the rest of teh bugs people have commented/PM me about. If you are still experiencing glitches please let me know!
Release Version 1.03.1 B:
Apparently it still wasn't working for people, i tried something new this time. It should now work...for sure. Now when you play the tutorial it should be able to get past the fade to black part.
Release Version 1.03.1:
Fixed a couple minor issues. Mainly the annoying tutorial part (i forgot a = sign...) If it still causes issues please leave a comment below.
Release Version 1.03:
First public release. If you find a bug please post a comment below or on the official facebook group discussion boards.

All instructions and tutorials are available in-game.



quite amusing,
has a VERY AWESOME archer stuff glich, i dunno how i done, he just can't stop using arrows, and pretty fast, tough.
Has the bug on the tutorial,
and about the Sting hunting, try to make his head not selluable, will resolv 2 problems.
ok, during the game, dude, so many bugs.
Re-do it.

great game without the tutorial glitch.

I really enjoyed this game, especially since you got rid of teh tutorial glitch teh day after i started, but I just found one more glitch: you can pick up more than one note about the "spider queen" and they don'y go away and fill up your inventory slots so that you cant pick up as many things.
besides this glitch I think the game deserves front page.

loops on tutorial

It's promising though
I hope u ll fix that before kevin knows abt it

Great game!

This was a great game, the graphics totally fit the game style.
The menu and the way the game was set up was original and made it fast to memorise.
Althrough the game is great, imo it stills lacks some key features:

- Debuff (Spells that poisons, and/or weapon attributes that adds a element of some sort to the weapon for extra damage)

- Quest updates (its a small thing, but i found it annoying never knowing when i had finished a quest or how many scrap metals i had. So a bar that said "Quest name" - 4/10 item collected and such would be nice)

- Even out classes (it seems as if the only class thats is truly considered is the warrior, while the bowmen and spellcaster were rushed in to add some diversity. Please make the 3 classes somewhat equally powerfull, and add more items that they can use.)

Apart from that, this was a top notch game and Iam adding you to favourites and recommending the game for the adventure collection.
(I can haz part 2 noa?)

high potential...huge glitch.

The game has a very nice feel to it. It was professionally made and I was looking forward to really sinking my teeth into it, but then I got a bad glitch. I showed up in a house w/ my wife, and then got some little information scrolls telling me about gold and not having too much, the same as the last few in the tutorial. I closed out od them, and then the little prompt showed up in the bottom left telling me I had low health and needed to regen it. When I did, the loop started again. I got stuck in an infinite loop of the last part of the tutorial, making progress impossible. I would really get that glitch fixed.

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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2010
8:54 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily 4th Place April 1, 2010