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Terra Strike by Pelle Abrahamsson

*update fix stupid bug now you lose properly*
This mighty beast of a game takes time to load and even the loading screen is a bit sluggish sometimes so take the time to fetch a drink.

It also takes power to run and it will run less good on old computers
But if you turn the quality down to medium you should manage on 3 year olds.

A,s,w,d, moves armor-unit , q switch to next armor-unit, mouse press to fire

Arrow keys navigates around map

You will have to figure out most things by yourself in this game.

Armored combat is not for the weak-hearted it will be a challenge.

If you manage to beat it you can save your game and continue with your items + stats in the next episode.

Play the game from the beginning to get a hang of the story and continue with your save game to the next episode.
episode 1 is at http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/505002

Have fun and enjoy,


The turn base part for this doesn't work:
As soon as you expend the "time" for one unit, it automatically goes to the other making you waste time accidentally.
The game controls are difficult enough without me having to know if my truck is going backwards or forwards. More wasted time figuring it out
Motor mech is bad enough knowing how much power to put to a shell to hit a target, having a circle that shows the actual max range of the shell may help determine the power to put before firing. In addition, that random motor mech jerk to the side is not helpful when every shot counts.

No close range damage with the gun mech? That's like canon for any mech game.

Even though you have a part 1 - 4 every new game should be as intuitive as if any one of them was a stand alone game.

Thank you for the game but I'm done with this one.

Es demaciado raro mucho arte y poca programacion

not improved, still has the old issues

I played the previous episodes and when I tried this I hoped that those big flaws in the gameplay that were present in those were corrected here, since they were mentioned before. I'm disapponted to find the same bad combat system here.
I'm talking about how useless those armores are:
- The machineguner still has such a huge spread that you are lucky if 10% of your shots hit, so he is totally useless in ranged combat. But it's not a wise idea to get into lose combat either becouse you're going to get hurt seriously for sure.
- The rocket guy is somewhat better, he has much better chance to hit and hits hard. But it's hard to aim with him too, and sometimes the missile goes to different distances even with the same strangth, and sometimes it just goes away in a big angle from the my line of aim! But since he is the only one who has any chance getting down an enemy, and the enemies are strong, you can't miss!
- The armores are also very weak.
- Nor leveling up nor haveing some equipment seem to make the abovementioned issues any better.
- And with such weaklings you ought to destroy hordes of enemies whose strength is compareable with theirs!
But com'on, if the protagonist is to fight off lots of bad guys, he must be superior to them in one way or another or he has no chance!
- If you want to get some equipment, you need to get up junk and minerals scattered around the battlefield. But you are too buisy fighting off the enemies, and if they are destroyed, you won't be able to pick up what is left!
- The enemies still have no health bar.

I don't know how much I would like the game without the abovementioned flaws, but I certainly don't like it as it is now. It's not fun to have a useless charater and worrying about when you miss a shot with the other one (wich miss can be the difference between winning anl loseing)!


Hey there. I think the last guy was talking about how if you moved the truck last, then the camera was stuck there, and since the turn can automatically end (which is kinda annoying sometimes), then if an enemy close-quarters attacks your units then you can't see. Besides that, I didn't see any problems with the map controls. oops nevermind. I don't know how it happened, but my screen kinda got like stuck in one position. Every time I'd try to move away, it would move a little, then like spring back into that position.. dunno.

lol, there are a few grammar errors, but it's definitely better than the first one. I guess the biggest problem I might have with this game is just that it's not really changing much from the past games.

Interesting at first, very buggy

The art is nice and the dialogue is ok, but there are quite a few grammar errors. Also the interface is clunky, the "next" button keeps moving during the intro, and just before the mission the space bar doesn't increment to the next dialog only, it keeps going until it is released.

Map nav controls were useless. After taking turns with both robots and the truck the map became fixed, so wherever the truck was at the end of turn was where you were stuck looking, unable to see how the enemy was battling your robots. I realize this is a sequel or whatever but it'd be nice if there was a bit more direction on the firing modes of the robots, crash courses do not work for everyone.

On that note I give it a 3/5 and 7/10

Legenden-Gotland responds:

well thanx for telling, the dialogue space bugg is fixed now but i cant get the camera stuck when i run

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3.51 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2010
8:10 AM EDT
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