Night of the Cursed

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-- Update 6th April 2010 --
Thank you to everybody who left feedback on this game. In response to the general message coming across in the reviews, I have implemented a 'hard' mode. This mode has it's own scoreboard, and makes the game a lot more balanced.

Please note that whilst this game does offer extra content through GamerSafe, I have tried very hard to include a huge selection of weapons, traps and upgrades without the need to use GamerSafe. I realise that not everybody is in a position to pay for items, but by adding additional content I am allowing people to expand the game if they want to.

Night of the Cursed is a fast paced top-down zombie shooter. Survive through the night in Story mode, fighting off wave after wave of the undead.

Story mode allows you to fight co-operativley (with AI) against an ever-increasing flow of Zombies. After each wave is complete, you can purchase from a choice of 25 unique weapons, buy upgrades for your weapons, and place traps in the arena to hinder the zombie's progress.

GamerSafe scoreboards, achievements and microtransactions are used to further increase the immersion.

The game also has a Survival mode, where players begin with a set amount of money, and their aim is to survive for as long as possible against a never-ending chain of zombies. This is a highly comptetitive mode with it's own scoreboard.

Features include professional artwork, voice-acted characters and a completely custom music score.


Nicely done

Pretty good game, with lots of upgrades, which is my personal favorite. Although the game is a little slow at first, it gets better as you go. I had in fact experienced some glitches, one where i came back from the upgrades menu and the character kept moving to the left until it hit the wall.

Luckily I was able to come out of it, and continue playing. Other than that a pretty solid game you have here.

a piece of stuff

There are plenty of guns, but i had no trouble killing zombie for the first 5 lvls of the first gun with no upgrades on hard. I would have kept playing if i didnt glitch out. Having to buy stuff for this game like anygame i play makes it get a zero.

Ok, but no real challenge, and gamergold?

The game is ok, but there is only one type of zombie that I see, and thats just the standard one that just walks toward you. Also the skull powerup seems to do nothing at all. At one point some wierd person just walks in the building out og nowhere, and at the end of the round I found out you have to buy her with gamergold, which can only be bought with real money. Also some of the weapons and gear can ony be bought with it too. The gear is not really worth it for this game, since you only need an automatic weapon with good reload spped, but it makes a little sense. But why would you have to pay a survivor to join you in a zombie hell? Thats just greedy, and you dont even need one ally, since she seemed to do nothing much at all to help. In general, an ok game, but nothing to really challenge you.

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Not considered good.

The story mode is quite lousy. I didn't bother to play much of it, since it was terribly dark. It was like playing Neverending Light with guns.
The weapons are way to overpowered against the zombies. On survival, all I needed was the MP5 and I could mow past the zombies like they weren't there. Unlike other games where the zombies are actually quite resistant later on.
I'm not sure what to say about the flash animation, it was just mediocre.

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when Mimi comes

my game freezes stupid bitch go away. I am trying to give this game a chance but it is not letting me. Sorry I cant give you a good score but it really wasn't that good.

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3.34 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2010
5:48 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional