Night of the Cursed

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-- Update 6th April 2010 --
Thank you to everybody who left feedback on this game. In response to the general message coming across in the reviews, I have implemented a 'hard' mode. This mode has it's own scoreboard, and makes the game a lot more balanced.

Please note that whilst this game does offer extra content through GamerSafe, I have tried very hard to include a huge selection of weapons, traps and upgrades without the need to use GamerSafe. I realise that not everybody is in a position to pay for items, but by adding additional content I am allowing people to expand the game if they want to.

Night of the Cursed is a fast paced top-down zombie shooter. Survive through the night in Story mode, fighting off wave after wave of the undead.

Story mode allows you to fight co-operativley (with AI) against an ever-increasing flow of Zombies. After each wave is complete, you can purchase from a choice of 25 unique weapons, buy upgrades for your weapons, and place traps in the arena to hinder the zombie's progress.

GamerSafe scoreboards, achievements and microtransactions are used to further increase the immersion.

The game also has a Survival mode, where players begin with a set amount of money, and their aim is to survive for as long as possible against a never-ending chain of zombies. This is a highly comptetitive mode with it's own scoreboard.

Features include professional artwork, voice-acted characters and a completely custom music score.


Stop the greedy bastards!

Why do you expect us to PAY to play a flash game?! I know it's for some features of the game but still, this is just plain greedy. If you want to make money, make a REAL game. It's just not fun if I have all this stuff on the buylist, but it tells me I have to pay real currency to buy it. It's like free ketchup. you think it would come with the meal, but you are paying for it becasuse it is included in the price of the meal. Flash is supposed to be free, not a chance for greedy pricks to make money of us. And besides, i've seen this game 100 times before. Nothing is new here.


all I did was get the tactical shotgun and place tons of chomper floor traps and the game played itself for me because all I need to do was occasionally fire my weapon. And the pay for upgrades thing wasn't even needed. sory but this game fails.

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Pretty poor!

This wasn't a great game, I'm surprised it got front page to be perfectly honest. I though it was interesting how you differentiated between story mode and survival, as after what was the story? Two people find a building, and stay there shoot endless hordes of zombies? Poor effort on that front!
As for the gameplay, it was O.K at best. Graphically I thought it was good, and it controlled well, but it was too easy. All you need is the P90 and your set, especially if you sit by the window in the bottom left hand corner.
Improvements for a future sequel? Increase the difficulty (more expensive weapons, lower accuracy, tougher zombies), and add A STORY! (i.e. different settings along the character's journey to some stronghold somewhere, i don't know, what ever you want).

How many f***ing rounds?!

Just how many rounds do I have to slog through in the mind-numbingly easy story mode? It just feels like a survival mode?

It's obvious you tried hard with this, but it's just kind of mediocre. Maybe the difficulty is some kind of bug, and zombies are supposed to get more powerful later, but it's just dull.

Not bad

Not bad, but way too easy once you buy a decent weapon and find a good spot to camp.

The sniper rifle was a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a godlike zombie-penetrating instrument of carnage like in the XBLA game Zombie Apocalypse, but it just ended up gathering dust in my inventory.

The AI partner, while a bit slow on the uptake, was useful for watching my back from time to time.

All in all, it was pretty good. I doubt I'll play it a second time, but I'd give an improved sequel a chance.

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3.34 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2010
5:48 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional