Bonk Freakin' Energy!

March 30, 2010 –
July 10, 2010
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The spawn of a long string of in-game voice commands that just so happened to make a coherent sentence, this vid sees Scout doing some viral advertisement for TF Industries' BONK Energy Drink! That chuckle-head Heavy better watch out, he's got ten thousand kilotons of BOINK coming his way!

UPDATE: Front page! Thanks guys!

Also, 100 reviews! Well worth noting!
Also, I switched the genre to 'Experimental' because I think people are watching this expecting a full-out comedy, instead of what is essentially an experiment with the existing TF2 Audio content.



1. It was nicely put together. 2. The voice dialog using from soundboards that was also done good put together. 3 KEEP IT UP!

Listen pals, don't rate or watch this flash if you have no idea what TF2 is.

Very well animated and edited, great use of stock sounds!

That was freaking funny! I loved it! :D

The animation is clean, but for some reason I don't get audio, so I feel I'm missing out

Heavy was probly thinking Back from the crazy house?

You really put some good effort into this and I applaud how greatly done this was!

10/10 :D


This movie was made of poorly executed tweens. I don't get it. Did this get front page because it's a team fortress parody and that's the cool thing these days?

Nice,maybe the heavy will advertise his ''AMAZING SANDVICH''

Very nice and I hope to see more of your work in the near future.

It seems like the scout sounds similar to Jim Breuer, am I right?

and u should do a another one with the sham wow guy

i remember the original order now
order now and i'll throw another beating ABSALUTLY free

Maybe the heavy should get a contract with subway...

WTF? Did you just make fun of BORDERLANDS? LOL!

Anyways it was cool !: D NICE JOB!
I didnt really.. get it tho! lol

This was pretty good, for the voices weren't a millisecond off, it was good animation, and lots of BONK!

got the voices at perfect timeing. nice

Very well done. The animation was pretty solid. Also good job at editing the sound clips to make it pretty fluid.

As a FYI for all the dumbasses asking for a download page of the TF2 sound clips: Look in your Steam Directory file for them if you have Steam and TF2.

This video was funny man, BullCut just needs to relax and shut up.

Not even funny at all. You just ruined one of my favourite games. Thanks a lot, douchebag.

That... Was amazing.

That was sick!

Love how you used the Garry's Mod achievement get sound effect at the end. And that's completely ignoring the fact that they were game sound clips.

very well animated, but it had the storyline of a mediocre gmod video short on youtube

I felt it needed more humor. the humor involved felt a bit dry and forced. The animation however was beautiful and the voices worked very well.

exelent animation but..
not is funny .....
cof cof
i don say anymore why in new grounds no exist right to self exprecion

I loved it, lol. Although some of the Heavy's dialogue was sketchy sounding, you put it together as fluidly and well as possible, I give you props for making such an enjoyable video for a TF2 fan such as myself/

I'm giving it an 8 because the dummy didn't fight back. Maybe it did, but accidentally. I don't know why I want to see him mad. XD


A good start, I'll give it a 6, mainly because TF2 is pure win, and because you only used sound clips from the game, though people who don't play TF2 won't really get the joke

Kinda a good TF2 commercial. i want to buy some lol. Nice for the vocal, you put it nice. its almost fluid.

I didn't much like it myself, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The sound bites didn't seem to fit together that well and it sounded a bit hashed because of it. The art was good though... I think I would have liked it more if you were doing a parody of those stupid Red Bull commercials... kinda what I was expecting...


I remember seeing this on Youtube when it was just a soundtrack.

But I always thought the Scout was batting away the Sandvich, not juggling the can of Bonk!.


Only bad thing

half of the people in the reviews don't know what TF2 is aaaaaaa

What was supposed to be the point and what was supposed to be funny? Good animation but everything else just seemed...pointless.

BONK Freakin' Epic!!!

That was some top notch sound effect usage. About as close to a real conversation as possible I think. It may just be because of my love for scout but I enjoyed that wayyy too much.

FUN FACT: The bonk drink advertises containing several hundred times the recommended daily amount of sugar, therefore it must weigh over 2 pounds.

i want some bonk
makes me stronger

"Sandwinch? (take a fat guy's russian accent)
-Nah! energy drink with cherry!"
lol, luck in virtual life, the heavy can't access to the "Bonk! atomic punch!" drink :p

im going to order right now

Wow did you made this? or did Valve made this? anyways its damn funny you know that? very funny nice job though.

This is pretty well did. It's like someone was right with you recording the voices. But I do have to say some of the voices sounded alittle off so a 9/10. Still pretty good.

great job on this man it actualy sounded natural yah pretty good

some of the dialogue didnt seem to fit and it wasnt that funny

Good animation, but I didn't really get a laugh out of it.

although it could be funnier, because the joke was ok, but you should had made it longer, it was quite short.

My only concern is that Heavy is pretty equal to Scout in size, when actually he's WAY larger overall. Cause he's, you know, heavy. And the Scout is meant to be small and swift. Other than that though it was very good!

But incidentally, you know how well that soda would sell because of that annoying name? lol

Regardless, I had a few chuckles, and in some places it was a tad hard for me to follow (could be that I have a tad bit of tinnitus right now) but I really enjoyed the skinny guy. Not just for his character, but the voice actor played him exceptionally well.


jesus, i gues everybody likes that game.
but that other guy is right.
the thing is; bonk= yum
but where's the energy?
give an 9 for animation.

i loves it (anyone know what the credit music was?)

I cant stop watching!!!



Just didn't think it was very funny. Many of the jokes were just hit and miss and I didn't really get why they were supposed to be funny.

K, I got it. The scout says bonk and the heavy likes sandwiches. Where's the humor?

when the big guy says "I feel alive" his thumb is on the wrong side of his left hand. But other than that, you had great animation, and great voice acting.

this is pretty good for a very first animation, well it probably isnt the first, but you know what i mean!

The Scout always puts a smile on my face. Though (and I don't know why I noticed this or why it bothers me) his crotch in the last frame looks weird. Other than that, I was well entertained.

Great animation and idea, but... there were no punch lines, nothing really funny about it other then the animation, it was sorta just a commercial. There was plenty of moments in the flash where it was almost expected for the scount to cave the heavys skull in, but no.

If you wanted to make a seious type commercial, regardless that you were using voice clips, you succeeded, but not very memorable.

Great animation and again LOL

you do indeed have good drawing skills, i give you that, but TF2 movies (or any other Source game movies) is best viewed in GMOD

Dude dont let the haters get you down, that flash was amazing !
I never realized that it was possible to create such an alive conversation with just the voice commands.
Also, sandvich + bonk = win, so in my book it couldnt have gone wrong :)
10/10 for u good Sir.

Awesome lypsync and animation the sound cuts moves everything looks awesome

you have to bring even better tf2 movies to achieve a decent score

it was ok i hoped the heavy would get super speed like the scout but he didnt so its pretty average.

The animation and audio syncing are excellent. Will you do anything along the lines of what happens after Heavy drinks BONK?

Well, this was entertaining.. to the simple minded I guess, but it's expected (seeing as how it's on the front page, the majority of ng is simple minded and easily entertained, and all the 9 and 10 reviews have "xD" in them)

Needs more substance, animaiton sometimes doesn't really matter if it's really funny, and vice versa.

i thought it was worth watching for a minute.and I know the title of this review is cheesy.

Scout is advertising his new drink, geezus xD
I thought it was funny and slightly awesome, missing some bits that might of improved it!

The animation was ok, but what was the point? Did this really make you laugh even a little bit? Pretty pointless and boring. If you want to use in-game voices please make sure to create something worth watching. This was rubbish, even though its "experimental".
A minute ill never get back :(

You should of add the heavy running super fast in the end after he drinks its. missing plot btw

The animation could of been better but I liked the fact that you used sound-clips from the actual game, instead of doing some crappy voice acting. This deserves a solid nine.

It's nice animated and the sound is great! I like it.
Though it's a quite simple comical plot I've seen before, but with a little extra.
So that's a strong 8 to this!

The animation and the heavy are fairly poor, but I rather like the audio. This probably would have worked better as a "radio play" of sorts. Good otherwise.

great video ;) 10/10

i'ts a bonk taste ;D

''boom, im back dummy!''
Man this was a great film :D
I loved it 10/10

lol great vid. nice TF2 voices :D. some i never heard b4 though.

I'll take twenty!!!

I really liked this animation. The lip-syncing to the voice clips was done great, and the animation style is also pretty cool. Loved all of it. It shows what you can do with just voice clips and flash. BONK!

Are you stupid?

He uploaded on Youtube, with the exact same username.

Good flash by the way.

Now all you need is bunch of bloody giblets, taunting, and explosions.

Damn awesome.

omg i wish i had some bonk when i was playing tf2...link to the sound pack?

Great animation and good use of the sounds, it flowed as good as it could of without trying to re-voice it.

Good job.

I'm gonna remember this when I hit another Heavy with my Scout's bat. Definitely memorable and I like how you drew the characters. I have never seen this style and I will most likely view your other flash entries as well. The voice and synced animation was put together very well and so does the plot. I also noticed how the whole thing was short and sweet, just like the scout would put it together, he's always in a hurry to hit stuff... It was inevitable that I would favorite this flash. Which I did.

Graphics: Perfect
Sound: Perfect
Syncing: Perfect
Plot: Perfect

What more can a Newgrounds user ask?

its like a publicity, but I LIKE IT!!!! the voice mix is freakin unbeliveble!

This was awesome. The sound fx and voice commands/taunts where used perfectly. I play TF2 all the time, now I'm gonna have this Bonk "commercial" in the back of my head when I play Scout! Well done, once again, and keep up the good work. Hope you are working on new ones.

Everything synced perfectly, nice work :)

wow! Was pretty funny.
And there were no innards flying all over the screen^^

i love bonk!

i especially love the PERECT use and accuracy of the TF2 sounds GREAT JOB

Ha, very nice Flash

clean animation, great work with the sound files too, loved it :D

u should do more of this

how i love this vid :D
Wouldn't mind some violence but it was great :D

I love the animation, and you actually used the voice clips from the game

I like how the heavy throws the can at the scout's eye

What have we learned here? YOU ARE A GREAT ANIMATOR!

great use of in game voices and the animation was good :D MOAR PLZ :D

Incredible. I always like to see TF2 flashes, sadly there's not many, and the ones that are around aren't really that funny.
The animation was great, the voice clips were well put together, and overall it was a great movie.

The way it was mixed and animated, it was cracker. It actually went so well, the BONK had me laughing. I had a silly grin remembering the scouts lines, it would be great if you could make another along the lines of sniper and spy.

Good call on the experimental, and a great parody.

I always love a TF2 Flash well done good sir =]

wasnt the best flash ever but i like the animation and how the voice clips fit in :D

Sure it wasnt the funniest cartoon ever made but the clever use of the voice clips and the pretty good for a first time flash animation submit got the 9

This was a great for someone who plays this game semi-pro. Great use of licensed property.

For those of you who don't get it, play the game or watch gameplay of the game and you might get it then.

and it had no relevance to anything. Sometimes that can be funny, but it wasn't this time.

Oh right....

Hahahahaha oh my god i cant stop laughing

that was freakin AMAZING

and for that i thank you

lol dead funny the game is absolute brill ("Come get some, BOINK!!")

The Best TF2 animation i've seen in a while

This inspired me to go play some more TF2. I didn't even know half of these lines were in the game.

It's cool how you only used the sounds from the game.

Oh yeah, Cauvin, we all know when TF2 was released but that doesn't mean that people don't play it anymore.

It's just too little too late. TF2 has been out since late 07'.

I love team fortress 2, and this animation was really good. Very good choice of voice commands, and very smooth animation.

lol great animation great lip synch just great

Heavy would be unstoppable if he had BONK

Take a little.

Give a lot. I really like what you did here.

Pretty good work pal, I wouldn't call it featured movie material but pretty good!

I loved this, so funny and a really good use of the taunts and call-outs. Great job!

It is videos like these that have kept me coming to newgrounds for so long now

Keep up the great work!!!

TF2 FTW!!! Nice job on the voicing.

This is probably the smoothest I've heard the voice clips get used. Really funny stuff.

In response to the guy who said only those who play this game can enjoy it: Idiotic. I've played TF2 maybe once, but I love all the humor associated with it, including this flash.

The editing was flawless. Valve could use this as a commercial ad and launch their own line of energy drinks. Good job. The Heavy could've used a little more... Heaviness.

It's things like these that make it to the staff eventually. =P

Really deserving of a review, it's been awhile since I hear something like this.

He sounds like Kratos for some reason too. :D

It's all good.

Please tell me some obscure company makes this drink! xD

Scouts laugh at the begging made me lol. love it! good animation good lip synching and a generally good ideah. so why not give er a 10? :)

i like how you tryed to keep the cartoony feel of tf2 in a flash. im rating it an 8 because some people think YOU did the voice acting even though you didnt and told us you didnt. just want to even out the false ratings :)


BONK freakin wickkid man

By far the best voice-acting if heard in awhile! the animation was also looked very good and had smooth movements :) On the other hand tho, the concept wasnt too funny, but it made me laugh here and there.
Overall: 9/10

This totally deserved first, hahaha.

A sandwich, AND SOME BONK! Lunch of Champions!

Amazing. You deserve first, not second.

I give this a 10/10 because of its originality, and the fact I'm addicted to Team Fortress 2.

that was hilarious because all of this was actual game audio. nice job!!

that was the best TF2 vid ever!


I get the joke-- not bad I guess.

At one point, the guy on the left raises his left hand in response to the scout offering to give a high five. You gave the guy on the left two left hands, cause his thumb on the left hand was pointing towards us, when a clenched fist, with the palm facing the person raising it, would have the thumb on the far side of the audience.

Sorry, little things like that really detract from animations for me-- they are very obvious to me, so it kinda upsets me that the creator of the animation wouldn't have noticed as they made it.

this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!111

That was like super freaking weird XD

great animatons

Short, pointless and oh so funny!

Now I want to go and play Team Fortress 2 again! :D

Good job i alos liked the part where you used Vince from shamwows voice to sell the bonk :) everyone thinks they look / sound the same

nice combo with the sound clips :)

yeah the animation was good, but to be fair it wasn't that hilarious :/
7/10 from me , keep it up !!!

That was pretty fantastic.
I liked how you managed to make a decent conversation just with the tf2 sounds.
I also just plain out love TF2.

this was amazing but even though i am high as a motha right now this was pure awsome

Good Show.

For your first vid, it rocked. Now I'm suddenly thirsty for a BONK! energy drink.

I'm not much of a TF guy but it was okay...
Funniest part was that the guy looked like Lupin III...

loved it so good

is it just me or did that one guy remind you of the ShamWOW guy lol.

this was awesome 10/10

Order it now! Operators are standing by!

Im going to order Bonk! right now!


God, i love that silly achviement achieved sound.

Fun little gimmick, although a bit overdone. Not a bad execution of the whole "motion tween the limbs" idea, but one glaring error I noticed was when the Heavy made a fist with his left hand, his thumb was on the wrong side.

Not bad, but I can't really give a high rating to a short little joke.

the animation was perfect. the way u used the TF2 voice commands was grade A perfect.

hilarius.nice animation

Wow! You are great at animating!! :D

I can't believe my eyes!

also who is kevin bacon. i keep seeing the name everywhere on this site


good video

10 stars my freind. u are very good at this animation thing :D

Just plain funny.

Kevin Bacon would buy if he knew what flavor it was.

Just kidding...but this flash video its a freakin' blur here!


I would buy it if Heavy could run like Scout after that Bonk.
Because is good day to be a freakin' blur here!

(Nicely animated though)

this is an awesome TF2 animation, i liked how you used all original ingme sounds, great work!!! Kevin Bacon would be proud!!

Some of the most fluid Team Fortress 2-related animation I've ever witnessed.
You deserve a medal, and a second BONK!
..Absolutely free!



But no one is teh Spy? I was kinda expecting that.

Good work

This was very entertaining, and it being constructed purely from soundboard parts makes it even more impressive. The advertisement design was very well done, and the sentences and mixing was excellent, enough to make them seem like they were actual in-game or advertisement delivered lines.

Excellent work, Valve would be proud to see their lines go to such great fan works as this.


the best nonsense ive ever seen :D

Makin Bacon :D

I betcha even Kevin Bacon liked this one! 5/5

that was awesome but were do you get the sounds pls. tell me i need it

NG has not hag many good TF2 Flashes on it.
This flash made me feel at 2fort.

I really liked this movie. The whole animation was excellent, it truly resembled the TF2 drawing style. And all the voice-clips you used just seemed to fit perfectly! And it was a very original concept. You did a great job, this is going to my favourites.

Also, why don't you send this to the TF2 blog and try to have it featured on their blog? I mean, they have done this to a couple of other fan-made movies, and I really think yours could be too. :)

Keep up making movies like this one, hopefully you'll make more soon!

what the hell did i just watch o well here is a 10.


Really nice animation.

You sir, have won the internet.

Good work man. like the edited new grounds logo.

I like the way how you used the phrases of TF2 and made this flash It's so funny!!!
Great job 10/10

Good job. Funny right down to the bone.

I liked this. Good job with animation, voice and story. Keep up the great work you doin here.

Animation was great, obviously the voice acting was great, the interactions didn't always sync very well.. but impressive sound editing nonetheless.

When I watched it I thought it was stupid but then I read the description, it's cool that u made the whole flash out of voice commands for the scout and heavy.

That was great! 10/10

That was reallly good, keep up the good work. Animation was close to flawless so 10/10 on that one and the voice commands were really well stringed together.

great funny and good animation

Cool animation featuring TF2 characters. I liked how it ended up being some sort of ad for the Bonk! drink.

Nice work.


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