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Haven't touched Flash since probably 2006 or 2007, so I messed around a little bit.

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Welcome back

Well, I can't really offer any more in the way of score, since it was so short, didn't have sound, nor did it really have that much of a plot to the eye of the more discerning user. Still, it's a nice practice piece to get you back into the game.

I'd certainly advocate the use of the Audio Portal for both background music and even voice actors. They can help you, when you decide to get a plot worked out and animated. From there, get yourself sorted with something that would allow you further practice, as your animation style seems great - developing that with walking about a little and having Richard (I assume that's the character's name and not your own) perform some tasks as a further method of developing your skills once more.

I'd certainly look forward to seeing more of your work, as it's very promising and with additions, can only get a lot better.

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Getting great

hey Struggle,

The art is pretty fantastic. Your drawing of the (marshmellow head?) man is unique and loveable. The eyes betray his soul - slits of sarcasm and bitterment. The animation is sparingly used, but very good quality. A good start.

Short and snappy, it's a tale of a pessimistic character and a cheeky flower. Very touchingly displayed, but perhaps too brief to bring about any real criticism. You've got the quality. Now we need more.

Very cleverly drawn and artistically envisioned. Need to bring something more to the table than just a man getting squirted at though. I would like to see some sort o f ongoing warfare between the two. Like next thing the man pulls out a water gun, and then the flower pulls out a real pistol. Then the weapons will get bigger and bigger, until they destroy each other. Then they become friends.

Very unique and loveable character, Richard Guts is. He lets the flower squirt him without retaliating. A victim of society, he stares at the viewer as if to say, "See what I have to put up with?" You do the expressions very well and looking forward to further elaborations.

I'm sure you know this is short by now. That's why you called it a short. But yet even for a short it contains too little detail. It's like a micro-snippet, more like. Hard to come to any sort of conclusions about this, but it is a good taste of what is to come. And that may be magnificent.

--Production-- = 16/20
--Watchability-- = 15/20
--Genius-- = 13/20
--Flair-- = 14/20
--Tilt-- = 13/20
VERDICT: Getting Great! [B+]



Alright for starters

I guess this was ok for a starting flash but it seemed to be lacking in sound and having a bit longer storyline. The animation seemed to be ok though. The guy looked funny and where did the stitches on his head come from? I guess I would rather not know at all.

The short storyline seemed to be OK. He waved and then a line fell creating a flower that splashed water at his face. Not much of a storyline to me. How come the flower squirted him and the such? Try to add more to it so it grabs the viewer's attention.

Overall, really short and no sounds, not much to keep a viewer entertained at all. Good luck in the future.

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Struggle responds:

I realize the link got added in to the weekly review requests (which is where you probably clicked the link), but the original post said:
"Hey guys, I'm wondering if some people could review a flash i submitted a couple months ago that didn't really get much attention as far as feedback, which is what i was looking for.
Now, i realize that it's short and needs sound, story, etc. Like it says in the description, I hadn't touched flash for a long time and this was just a test of sorts.
What i'm looking for is advice/criticism on my drawing and animation style. What could I improve on? What looks good?"

Thanks for the response though!

great movi

well, great artwork, very good visual, and needz music, 5/5


Good artwork, but it needs music, or sound effect, and u need to make it lorger.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2010
8:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Original