Daymare Town 3

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Welcome back to the Daymare Town. Can you escape the nightmare of a day?


I know it's not an achievement, but every time I play I still go out of my way to give that poor girl a pain and fever pill, because it makes me happy when she calls me her hero.

I love these games. Just the right mix of quirky and creepy. The buying/selling in this one does make me antsy though until I know I've used the right stuff.

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Very good.

I liked this one a lot, I just wish the achievements could have been medals for this site. Also, the buying and trading was a bit bothersome, but I can see reason for experimentation on your part. I've officially played through all of the Daymare Town point-and-clicks! [Again, started with the 4th installment.] I really enjoy how each game has a sort of synergy with one another in that there are recurring characters and each game starts where the last left off, and of course, the art!

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Mute buttons did not work.

Another great sequel, however this one presented a few issues. Too many items, or red herrings as others like to call them. The ability to sell and re-purchase is an improvement on the last game's money system, however the ability to sell necessary quest items and needing to purchase them back for DOUBLE makes it easy to get yourself stuck and unable to progress and thus needing to start over. Buyback for exactly what you sold it for would solve the issue, though personally I prefer the way you addressed this in daymare 4, which I'll talk about in that game's review.

The other issue I feel this game had was a confusing map layout. Sudden changes in angle or direction (or at least that is what it seemed like) at crucial junctures served only to disorient and frustrate me.

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Um, so I have played the game for many years and recently wanted to play again for nostalgia. I loaded up the game for the first time then played until I realised I sold an important item (Liquid pouch by the bed) so i'm so ocd and want to see how much money i can collect. so I reloaded the game and something happened... It was maybe glitched? I don't know it freaked me out. It would jump to random spots in the game very fast and i had no control. this has never happened to me. and in the top of the screen it said; "I am afraid". It made me flip the fuck out and I clicked to a new screen. I think i remember seeing that text before during the protagonist (I don't know the name.) was trying to leave or escape from the hospital; he sees like a line of people who are at the hospital and says "I am afraid." but still this has never happened to me. So i want to know if anyone else had seen the glitch or am i summoning a demon? I think i have been reading to many creepypastas. but let me know if this happened to anybody else. so i'm gonna try tomorrow to see if it works again right now i'm not up for this creepy shit.

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4.35 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2010
1:30 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Daily 2nd Place March 31, 2010