Stenchu Stealth Shinobi 2

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Author Comments

Hi Newgrounds. Pending the release of Tekken the Piss, I realised I needed to improve my skills. Six months later and stenchu part 2 is here. I researched new animation techniques and learnt some new skills. Instead of spending 10 minutes on a symbol, I would spend a day! I've paid attention to weather/physics/lighting effects and most importantly, fluid animation.

In this episode, Rikimaru must assassinate Echigoya - a corrupt merchant resorting to prostitution and arms dealing. Rikimaru must infiltrate his compound and kill anyone who gets in his way.

I remixed alot of the music (over half) and also got a short parody of zelda 64 in there. With animal animation/ ninja gymnastics and enough blood to open a hospital, Stenchu should keep you interested throughout the animation. I storyboard everything and tried to focus on producing an artistic feature instead of a quick spoof.

Run time is just over 7 minutes , 2.8 Mb. I hope you enjoy this movie, I'd appreciate your reviews and votes. Thanks to everyone for the support, have a great day and thanks for watching.

Patrick Cartwright (aka) Rikimaru

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very good video. i like it

Solid Sequel to the first one

This one made me shit my pants almost lol Your animation got better and just the way you animate the kills and make blood coming out sound like someone taking a shit made me laugh my ass off. I wish the actual game had great dialogue like your movie then Gamespot would've given it a better score lol Good flow of the movie, long runtime but your faster paced storyline made it enjoyable every second. Nice idea using Link as a cameo and you had some really funny crude humor in there as usual. Awesome job bro, can't wait to see more from you in the future!

Another classic

Glad to see Stenchu 2 finally finished! Was awesome to watch, great animation techniques and on the whole true to the game dialogue wise. Very amusing with the crossover between the worlds of Tenchu and Zelda plus the other numerous and quality comedic moments :-) don't touch my pussy! Haha.

Dude im speechless D:

You did it again, you saved the world. I mean this animation has everything, good dialogue, action, and comedy. This actually made me cry.
You are one badass animator.
And props to you.


Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

Thanks alot dude, I really tried to put alot of effort in on this one. Next time I think I'm gonna revamp Rikimaru's look, I went for a cartoon/manga look but I think realism might score a bit better. Thanks for the new reviews dude :D Much respect


Haha that was awesome.

Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

thanks :D

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2.56 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2010
5:46 AM EDT