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Quest of Lame

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Author Comments

Well what can I honestly say about this animation...I mean the title says it all.

It's meant to be the first part of a series I kind of had planned in my head but it didn't turn out to be as great as I had hoped (we've all been there right?)
I doubt I'll continue it but maybe one day...
This 1st part is supposed to set up the story about an evil king and his daughter.

This is my first time submitting anything so why not start off with something this horrid?
I just used a regular stand up mic and I have no audio editing programs so I didn't really edit the voice overs.

Its a lame animation about a lame story done by a lame person, what more could you ask for?

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Hey,,,HEY! I know this guy!

Honestly I don't think it was lame! Yea, the voices made me laugh :) Overall I think you got a good design and color scheme. I love the mountain btw!

No bad u know

The plot lin is a kinda interesting, If i improves your art work, and get sme voice actors, u can make a great serie, you should ask for help, there is mahy good artis over here. Good luck, and try to improve at the next ep.


Contrary to what you might have thought about the end result of your creation, I actually enjoyed it. Yeah so it's a fairy tale type story, one of which we've seen all the more throughout time, but I really think you have some natural talent to bring out. What made more fun and interesting to watch was your voicework, even though you didn't edit it at all, which was made more apparent with being able to hear you spit into the mike at times, you were able to bring out the many roles and made the story more believable. I think if you were to make a second part it could go quite a ways. A lame animation yeah, but definitely with the right tools you could carry this series far if you are just willing to put more time and effort into it. Nice job and good luck!