Crazy Jelly Bean Vol.1

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Over the past 6 weeks I've been releasing weekly animations on my personal site www.cjb136.110mb.com and now they come together in the first volume of Crazy Jelly Bean shorts!

Movies will continue to get released there on a weekly basis. So if you're keen, be sure to check it out. I'll be trilled.

Oh yeah, and there's sort of an easter egg...


Very good.

I noticed that the animation is of a good (not superb, but whatever) quality.
And the writing is usually really good as well.

So why the low scores? 3.47 is not the collective score of the rest of these parts.
The final remaining piece is sound, in this case I want to emphasize voice acting. You probably enjoy doing the voice acting, if you want to continue that's up to you, but to take these animations to the 'next level' I think you need to start trolling the AP for some voice actors who are willing to help you out.

I enjoyed all the jokes I just feel they could have been told better, especially the 'now what' line. That caught my attention. It should've been a laugh, but it wasn't.

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Chag responds:

Yeah, these clips were first done in like... 2008 before I finally compiled them together, although I'm not great at voice acting I'd like to think I've improved just a bit since then >_>

Not Bad

Although the animation is a bit sloppy, the shorts were well scripted. I think once you put more of yourself into the scripts, they will be a lot better. I particularly liked the bank robber sketch.

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Nicely done.

I liked it :) just a few spots where the animation was a little skippy. 9/10

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3.55 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2010
8:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original