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Enigmata: Genu's Revenge

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Eterna Medal 10 Points

Defeat the ship who destroyed the supply base.

Author Comments

Hey guys,
Hope you enjoy this game!

You can move with arrow keys or WSAD, and you can aim with the mouse to fire!
Number keys for skills, items and missiles.

And you can customize keys in the options menu!

EDIT: Thanks guys for all the positive feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game.



CAN"T STOP PLAYING IT, i like it better then the last one


You made this game as addicting as you possibly could have, I think. After numerous restarts, I finally beat it. Took forever, but I couldn't put it down. Whenever time was free, I played this. Damn, yo, nice job!

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wickidly addictive

kinda has a turok 2 intro going on makes it much more intresting to listen to
keep up the awsome work

Excellent work

I can admit that this is the best game I have played on Newsgrounds. For that, a 10/10 rating is deserving. However, I'm not going to review you on an amateur level. I'm going to review you on a proffessional level, because this game right here was proffessional quality, and I seriously believe that you should consider moving from freeware games to proffessional game design.

Graphics: 8/10

As far as the graphics are concerned, you have done an amazing job, taking the limitations of flash into consideration. The background images are very well made, and the weapon effects look impressive without being too heavy for the graphics card. My only objection was the design style of the spaceships. They looked very well made but they also looked a lot like they were made in flash. If you had chosen prerendered textures, the game would instantly gain a more realistic feeling. As for the GUI and fonts selection, they were very well made (I think I recognized a free font in your headers, I used the same one for an old project of mine). All in all, the game looks very pretty.

Sound: 8/10

I don't know if you composed the songs yourself, but if you did, congratulations. The main combat theme was upbeat and not tiresome, even after 8 solid hours of gaming. It reminded me of Ramstein in a few parts. I had an objection with the boss sound theme, even though it had good quality, it didn't blend with the game. You shouldn't mix pop music with rock beats. The ambient music of the menu was also well done. As far as the sound effects are concerned, I recognized 90% of them from other games, so I presume you didn't make them yourself, in which case I can't rate you for them. I just want to point out that due to some glitches, the enemy spaceships didn't always play the explosion sound when they were destroyed. You should look into that.

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay was incredible. It had me nailed on my chair for 19 hours, and I still didn't see the content in its entirety. You turned a simple premise of a top scroller space shooter into an RPG-themed saga, minus the grinding part. The 2 points subtracted from a perfect score are for bugs and difficulty curve. A few bugs I noticed for instance, was the Achievement for gaining 5 spaceships (which needed 6, forgot to count from 0?), and the purple enemy spacecrafts that shoot a charged beam, the beam always appeared at the left of the screen instead of below them. Also I found the Boss level (the one where you encounter only boss type enemies) to be completely pointless and not worth at all the 15mil you give to unlock it. The screen scrolls too fast, you don't have the time to kill them unless you bump into them constantly to keep the screen from scrolling, and there are literally no rewards for going through it. As for the difficulty curve, the main story was okay, but the Neko challenges were insane. The difficulty from Gold medals to Platinum medals was rediculous. I used cheat engine to give myself full gear and the best spaceship (the one unlocked with the Legendary key) and I still couldn't beat the first platinum mission.

Storyline: 6/10

The storyline was a bit dissapointing. Bad guy emerges from nowhere, good guys hunt him down. The dialogues spiced it up a bit, but there were no surprises, no plot twists in the end, no nothing. It was just to give reason to the killing, not to add to the game. You could have done better than that.


For Newsgrounds standards, as a free flash game, 10/10 as I said on the beginning.

For proffessional standards, as a game you pay to play (like an iPhone game or a DS game), 7.5/10. This rating is way above most of the games that are released for these consoles, which should give you something to think about concerning your career in the field.

Keep up the good work.

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Good as last...

But! Why do I have to keep activating the missiles and other things such as weapon lock? I tend to forget and then getting fucked in the end. That's my only complaint really. Great game otherwise!

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Credits & Info

4.44 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2010
5:47 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight