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Enigmata: Genu's Revenge

rated 4.44 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight

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Mar 29, 2010 | 5:47 PM EDT

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Eterna Medal 10 Points Defeat the ship who destroyed the supply base.

Author Comments

Hey guys,
Hope you enjoy this game!

You can move with arrow keys or WSAD, and you can aim with the mouse to fire!
Number keys for skills, items and missiles.

And you can customize keys in the options menu!

EDIT: Thanks guys for all the positive feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Easy to move,hard to avoid...

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

very good game. one of the best in newgrounds, well balanced overally and addictive.
art/graphics 4/5 (althought you are afraid of epilepsy after all these disco glowing colourful lights are passing with lightspeed in front of your eyes)
upgrades 4/5 (due to ridiculous high prices after a point and in fact there could be more middle/high class upgrades, cause they escalate too quickly like starters, starters +, and then super high elite!)
addictiveness 5/5 :P
gameplay 3/5 (it is probably for a bit more but i'll explain. the dizziness of the player after playing a while isnt only due to the genre of the game (or the fancy visuals) but also its controls. they are not very easy to use and every now and then the game bugs and shoots whenever it wants or is hard to strafe properly. other thoughts/possible additions: the sidemissions could have levels with more gold each. kill all the drones mission level 2 for example 120.000 gold while level 1 was 50.000 etc. the bonus weapons should have upgrades too, as in most classic space shooters. there could be permanent and temporary special weapons too instead of only temporary, which you keep until you die or finish a stage lets say, and they are upgradeable by drops but also could be lost if by mistake u get other weapon drop or erased by an anti-drop. also special weapons and upgrades for your orbs and side ships. lastly you could have purchaseable items and not only findable)

very good keep up the good worked and we wait for moar

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

i awlays loved this game and now i cant play it, it wont start loading the screens up and a message saying "kenosavescheese's game saved, load game, click to remove," i cant click this constanly blinking mesage?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

graphic is nice but messy


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

start by saying a lot of things happening in this game. Between a shop filled with items for endless customization of your ships, lots of ships to choose from, a huge selection of skills to use, and bonus weapons found while playing, a lot to pay attention to. This does lead into one of the main problems, but start with what I liked, first.

The game looks great. The colorful glowing lights and dark bodies of the ships really give off a cool futuristic tone, and the glowing effects of certain bullets only helps. The backgrounds look pretty good, but could have used a bit more variety. I think there were different types of ships in the background as you progressed, but it just enough. Each level ends up blending in because they look different. Would have loved to see some levels be based on flying over the surface of a planet.

The game does okay in sound. The music sounds good and adds a lot to the atmosphere, but it got a bit repetitive.

The achievement system to unlock the shops is okay, it was a nice move to put in the missions to help get the points for the expensive third shops. not sure if I like the rank 3 missions being scrambled. I think a better idea would have been for the description to give hints (Mega-Insanity: Doing something over and over and expecting the different results). Would be a chance to add humor to this game.

The game play has a lot of potential because of all the options and tools that are put into your hands, and given so much freedom with what you want to do. The variety of bonus weapons and enemies helps keep things fresh for a very long time, and the bosses can be pretty challenging.

a lot going on in combat, avoiding negative items and trying to get positive ones (or just using bonus magnet), avoiding enemy fire (or just reflecting/absorbing it/stopping them from firing) and firing back, using offensive skills to kill mini-bosses and taking distance from enemies that explode on impact, healing yourself and your shield and conserving energy for needed, watching your skill cool downs and keeping certain buffs up, using items and breaking enemy shields and-

a lot of things for a human to pay attention to at once. You need to be pretty clever with both your controls and how each function works. This game gets it halfway right, a nice reward for being able to pay attention to multiple things at once, but it punish you too much if you do it all or if you make a mistake. However, it also gets it halfway wrong.

The shield/armor/energy bars are far off in the corner and easy to see at an instant glance. The skill cool downs/durations are also hard to see at a glance (especially if trying to see several skill cool downs at once). The enemy projectiles can be very hard to see, a combination of your own skills and attacks can cover them up, and some blend in with the background. It can be hard to distinguish turrets from ships in the background sometimes. All of these are little things that prevent the player from really unlocking all the potential this game offers, from getting the information they need quickly in order to react.

suggest somehow putting the armor/shield bars somewhere near the ship, so that you can minimize the number of places you have to look to get important information, and perhaps the energy near the skills. Perhaps a visual effect, your ship gives off a glow that grows fainter as your shield is destroyed. Make it so that enemy attacks cover up your own and be obvious and different so that even while spamming an attack that covers a wide area, you can see all the bullets heading towards you easily.

There are a lot of skills in the shop that have a good description. Guardian of mana, virus spread, dos really explain what they will do. It hurt if certain items were more specific, like how much energy certain skills used or how much damage they did. Heavy missiles? What do you mean, slower? Firing rate or projectile speed? Stun missiles have a chance? the chance? These things are important to know!

The story is completely uninteresting. I thought there might have been a bit of a twist with the hostage, but very little was done with it.

It's a great game, there's just a few things holding it back in terms of game play. It looks and sounds great, but those looks and sounds are repetitive and could use more variety. A story isn't necessary, but it'd be nice to have something decent. Still, the game is fun and there's a lot to do.

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