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Fitta (Fudda Pt. 3)

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Make sure to watch part 1 and 2 first!
Part 1: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/525582
Part 2: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/528833

Also, if you liked it, you can check out a semi-related animation that takes place before both of these:

I'm finally done with this! It was intended to be a short conclusion to my Fudda/Finna series. Unfortunately, due to homework and delays, it took me over a month to complete this project, and it ended up not being very conclusive. There may very well still be a 4th part one day to conclude it, but for now I'm going to move on to other projects. This animation is short, and there are very few jokes, but I think it looks the best out of the series so far. Also, this thing
is jam-packed with extras about the entire series, which is the reason that the filesize is so large. Sorry about that!

Make sure to check out the extras if you enjoyed the animation. There are two hidden easter eggs, too!
Runtime (w/o credits): 2:01
Extras Runtime: 7:31

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lol how about this: tiffa

Aqlex responds:

I don't really get it xD. Are you suggesting a new word those kids should use instead of fudda/finna/fitta? I can't really MAKE the kids in real life start using new variations of the word on demand =P.


Fitta is a dirty slang for vagina in Norwegian (and Swedish and Danish)

The best translation would be pussy (or cunt)

=P =)

Aqlex responds:

Yup, something I discovered while trying to look up this animation with a school computer. Their safe search would not allow me to look up this animation =P

Pretty cool

7/10 ... but i didn't really understand.

Aqlex responds:

Yeah, sorry, there wasn't all that much to understand. The jokes were somewhat silly and lots of it was inside jokes/references to South park. Thanks for the comment nonetheless though!


you know that Fitta means female genitalia in Swedish? ;)

Aqlex responds:

I found this out while trying to look up how my animation was doing on Newgrounds the day I released it while searching it from a school computer. Their computers would not let me look up that word.



Aqlex responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it =).