the third world war: 2075

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okay, most of this story, you dont know, I have other things like a comic and stuff that goes along with it, explains much more than this animation does. This animation is just showing some fighting that is going on and personally i dont think many people HAVE to know the storyline but for those who do:

4 main superpowers: Asian Confederacy, Russia, United Allied Federation, and the European Union
year of ww3 starting: 2065

After and extremely large amount of oil was found in parts of alaska, the US became the largest exporter and the economy grew to epic proportions. Russia, Jealous of the US at this point tried to buy land off and use diplomacy to try to get a cut. Each time Russia being denied. The AC was increasing it's army by the thousands. All other superpowers became frightened and catious the AC's. The European Union had a new leader elected. This one hated much of the other world and wanted the UK to join into the EU. And the Us was still fighting many wars it shouldn't be in.

At some point in time nuclear blasts went off in many major capitals in the world. This sparked outrage amount all groups and after years of mistrust and paranoya, finally snapped.
Russia invaded Alaska for the oil, AC saw this as a weak point for Russia and attacked Russia, EU invaded the UK and Russia, and then soon after fully conquering the UK, invaded the US.

yadda yadda this and that happened, and Russia and the US realized they couldn't fight a 4 way war and called a ceasfire between the two. eventually leading to a temporay alliance and counter attackes.

The second space race is to get a manned aircraft outside of our solar system

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Garret...seems like you've been practicing.....very well done...maybe ill have to get some of my stuff up here soon. But this was very good.....you do need a preloader though, as well as a javascript to make sure it doesnt repeat but wow......you are getting better...pursue this..your ideas are very well rounded....and your style is entirely unique...cant wait for more!

What I love about the animation is

That you have made fantastic use of music. Music and motion are very coherent here, they act as one which strengthens the experience. And second thing is that you've used simple graphics, sort of a doodle-style but you were able to express a lot of emotions so the movie is full of drama. Kudos for that :) Plus, you have some really interesting shots there.


wait! so who startet the third world war???

Goeliath responds:

i can't spoil it yet!!!! But i am in the middle of making another animation that will have voices and do a little more explaining of whats going on in the war from a soldiers point of view


okay, that movie was epic im not gonna lie, but man you need a preloader the movie froze up on me hardcore. one other thing was that the particle effectsand artwork could use a little more work. But overall man that was pretty cool. 4/5 hope to see more

needs some work!

i agree with drizzy15
try better next time

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Mar 28, 2010
9:34 PM EDT
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