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Edit: Thanks for the front page tom.. a nice surprise!
Also thanks to everyone who made this the daily feature. I'm surprised that most people like this
one... I think its done the best out of everything so far. :3


You could go ahead and watch the video but I'd rather you read this first.

After I finished this, I got kind of worried people would think I really liked math or something. I don't hate math, but I'm not one of those 'math is everywhere... fibonacci pine cones omg' people either.

While math might seem to be the focus here, the intention was to use it as a way to convey the idea of finding insight outside, and using that insight towards whatever it is you're doing. This is something I find very true.

All of this was done in two days before March break in order to submit it to a contest. I don't think I've ever spent a weekend animating so feverishly... going from working non-stop to having loads of free time felt really weird. Definitely not unappreciated though!

Im pleased that this one actually has a proper story to it, that was probably the biggest lurch forwards with this one... I try to get something new in every piece, and while some older stuff might have had a concept... or maybe a bad story, I feel good about the way this one holds together.

156 seconds, 24 fps
3743 frames, woah. I THINK that might be my new record. haha.
I made the music for this one too.

Hope you guys like it; Its definitely a little bit different from what I usually do :]

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I love this video and have for the past 10 years since I added it to my favorites back when it was under judgement in the portal. Like other reviews have stated, I found this inspiring and I love the animation style you used. I have even showed this one to my kids and they ask to watch it whenever they see me on newgrounds LOL.

Anyhow, thanks again for this wonderful animation you made 10 years ago, it's really great. :)

Wonderful! =D

I love this sooo much!!

this has the be the most inspiring, cutest flash animation I've ever seen!! story is amazing and i love math! and to believe you're only 16? :)

Makes me smile.

Everytime i watch this it makes me smile! :)


nice movie....sorta got bored...good concept tho