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Adrellia Village #1

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Adrellia Village: Season 1, Episode 1:
3/28/2010 - Episode 1: Knighthood
Drake wants to become a knight. He needs to buy armor, and he also needs his parent's consent for him to become a knight.

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the gap is too wide between the play button and the bottom of the frame. Awesome though, 5 stars

So I thought i would checkout this little series of yours seems like you have alot of episodes here wich is notbad at all, I like the fact that these are not real big in file size so thats a good start sofar, Graphics was lacking in some areas, mainly in the characters they were more on the "SIMPLE" side of things, but still coulduse for some greaphic enhancments like more shades, more small details and more personality to the characters. Voice acting is always a touchy one, the ones you had were so-so, and could use more depth and quality in them, more emotion and more sharper sound quality in the voices it may have been the lip syncing aswell, but thats something to look into, The plot was simple and seems like it could use more depth more stuff going on more things to keep the viewer really interested in your movie, Give more info on characters, places, and when, these are something that could have more depth to them. The "JOKES" and humor to this movie was notbad but also seems like you can put some more effort there in bringing more humor and really just bringing some laughter out from the film itself, So i understand this is just the first episode in along series of episodes i do look forward to seeing more of them, this particular episode just needed some more excitment something to really set the tone for the rest of the series.

So while this was a pretty nifty flash movie here there were some tweaks and changes that can be addressed, as mentioned throughout the review aswell as here, you can put that extra improving for an overall better outcome with some more quality added, so here are some things i found lacking and or needeing some changes. so First off the voices as mentioned need some work The characters could use some "DETAIL" aswell, It was abit short, maybe later episodes have more detail, depth and much more plot to the "STORY" Then there was the jokes wich could have been executed much better,

MistyEntertainment responds:

thanks for your review. this flash is pretty old, episode 39 is a pretty good example of the type of thing i'll make now. it was based on a novel i wrote, and at the time, my main focus was a serious story-driven series rather than a humorous one.

thanks again.

Not bad, but could do with lots of improvements too.

The graphics aren't necessarily bad, but there could be more detail on the characters. There is some shading, and I can see the detail on for example the swords in the back in the end, but there's a lack of detail on a lot of the other objects in the flash.

The voicing was... pretty terrible. They're not convincing at all, and it just sounds like they're reading from a script, like a terrible kid actor or something like that. There's no emotion in it, and even though the audio quality is decent,a part from some stutter, it just sounds bad. More enthusiasm!

I also don't like the black screens with text on them. I understand you not wanting to animate the fighting scene, but then maybe you shouldn't include it. I'm also a bit confused as this seems to be a modern society with the "clothes" he's wearing and the houses in the street and such, yet he wants to be a knight with armor, and there's a fighting ring with werewolves and police dogs.

Lastly, I think the animations are fairly well done. Though we don't get to see much of it, apart from the walking and lip syncing, it looks good. Especially the lip syncing. It might not be completely synced, but the animations for it look real good!

All in all it's a nice flick, but there is a lot to improve on.

Good to see the first one

Good to see the first episode of this series. I guess this will help me to understand the later episodes better.

It's also interesting to see the very first episode, because now it's easy to see how much you improved over the time. Graphcis wise and animation wise. The graphics are not bad in this episode, but they sure look a lot cleaner and more polished in newer episodes. Also, the animations are very rough here, another thing that gets better over the time.

I really liked Drakes facial expression when he walks. You should use that more often, it looks really funny. :)

{ Review Request Club }

So it begins

A little short, but nevertheless, an introduction to the Adrellia Village saga. Where did you come up with that name from?

So, we've been introduced a little to Drake and his own personality, though the other jokes in the piece do take away from that part of the plot a little too much, considering the amount of material that you have here. I'd have made it go a little further fir the first episode, reaching perhaps the castle, before calling it a day in this world.

Some of the jokes seem a little lazy, though quite funny. Jokes such as "and they fought, killing two hours of Drake's time" it was funny, but could have used some sort of battle music in the background and perhaps the sound of dogs fighting, perhaps with the occasional sound of swords clashing, for example.

It does show how far you've come in a relatively short space of time, with these episodes and the quality, compared between then and now. It shows a good learning curve and that you're willing to experiment, to learn new techniques.

Best of luck with that, now on to Episode 2!

[Review Request Club]

MistyEntertainment responds:

Adrellia Village came from an old story I wrote long ago about warriors and demons in medieval times. The name of the town, "Adrellia" isn't based on anything specific and "Adrellia Village" sounded like an appropriate title.

Interesting point. Episode 2 sees him in the castle. Thank you for your review!