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We all know those annoying errors appearing when internet connection fails. If the problem persists we call ISP tech support to solve the issue. That's were the player goes in. As a tech-support operator your job is to answer the rapidly incoming calls and to click on the possible solutions. You will also have to watch your stress meter and make sure that your coworkers don't full around. It may sound easy but time is not on your side as well.


It's unplayable, there's a game breaking glitch that makes it so that the title screen flashes through the instructions, then the game, then back to the title screen. It loops like this for hours. Please fix it, it looks like you've had pretty good reviews in the past, it would suck for one glitch to sully the name your game has built up.

Pretty meh

The game is pretty simple yet filled with annoying aspects.

The first and probably most annoying part of this game is the randomization on the solutions for problems. It's fine that I have to remember what the problem/solution is, but to have to stop every frecken call and find stuff again? Yeah it get's old fast, especially with the problems that require multiple solutions to fix properly.

Meanwhile as I'm playing find the button to click, I have to deal with the coworkers. Now if the respect bonus actually did something, this wouldn't be bad, but it currently seems to do a whole lot of nothing. Be it the game is bugged or it's a really minor change, it just doesn't do enough as on the later levels with respect I still spend more time having to click the coworkers than clicking the problems/solutions.

Now let's talk about the stress meter and the fix for it. You realize that with how things are setup at the moment the majority of your money will go to stress re-leaving items. Early on this makes sense, you don't want to just hand people the game. Yet as you get further along in the game the amount of money you make really doesn't increase at all, while your stress gains do go up.

The game has a decent core idea, but it needs a lot of tweaks to be good.

Pretty solid.

A bit too easy. It seems like you could throw a few more ISP issues in there, add a few more stages, possibly make it impossible to advance the game without buying certain items? Pretty good, just too short!

Def a good simulator of tech support.

Great simulation of tech support! I HATED WORKING TECH SUP... it sucked and this game def hit it on key.

nice different type of sim

Only the stress meter goes up a bit too fast and your coworkers are serious slackers no matter what respect level you have. and it says respect is supposed to keep them working longer...I didn't see it have any effect.

Over all decent 7/10 3/5

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3.08 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2010
1:59 PM EDT
Simulation - Job