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It's kinda like a cross between Spore and WarCraft... maybe.

This is what happens when I don't have a job. Nice marmot, by the way. Also, for those of you that don't want to play the tutorial or just "don't get it..." here is how to play:

-Click on units to select (can drag box around to select multiple units)
-Deselect units with SPACE or the Deselect Button (bottom right)
-With unit(s) selected, click empty space to move, food unit to gather, cell pool to return food, or enemy unit to attack
-With single unit, click and drag from the Nucleobase Buttons (A, T, C, G) at the bottom of the screen into the DNA strand to edit DNA. Do this to make your cells BETTER.
-M - Split units
-Q - attack to (will move and attack along the way)
-P - create/join pool (can create new units there for free)
-X - stop actions
-1-4 - special attacks (if enabled)
-Arrows or WASD - move screen

Hover over buttons in-game to see what the hotkey is for it.


Good game with a few problems

Everything in the game is adaquete. The only thing with the controls is if you could have the common rts controls as using only the left click is kinda hard to get use to. The evolution system of the cells is interesting too as if you place a bar of dna on the opposite side it gives a variety of different effects adding something most games of this type do not have. As mentioned by Biznoquez, a set model of a cell for the start of a game would also be much more convenient. A bug that continues to trouble me is at the start of a game, one of my three starting units goes off to a point on the map making is virtually unuseable as when I try to command it to do another chore, it instantly goes back to that spot. In end notes, keep up the good work and if you fix those bugs it may be a game most people will come back for more. (longest review I have ever made means I like it a lot)

awesome game but

i loved the game but the only problem is I think its a bug but...

whenever i start a match, i chose visible map and there is an infinite respawning of the enemy's cells. and it just doesnt stop, so i cant play the game fully because there is no winning. i start with just 3 cells and he starts with 30+

please fix this bug and it will be 10/10

Good concept, but...

I like the concept of this game. And the finishing & polishing are also very well done. But, there is one thing that I'm really missing. And that is a campaign. The gameplay is so good, but just playing skirmishes all the time without purpose (with the enemies not even coming to attack you?) is boring.

Progressively harder campaign is a must! Something for a version 2?

I hoped that it would be amazing but.....

There is a bug i found, when i click on play game it says a lil game by mat.. And it goes back to the loading screen... It gets pretty annoying since it takes a long time


Good game. Like some aforementioned problems, unit becoming unresponsive would some times bug me :( Other than that, awesome. Few suggestions, maybe some kind of preset system with the dna, so you can create and stick with certain combination. Also the ability to alter the "base" cell so that it produced stronger basic cells, maybe by altering it's dna. Preset groups would be awesome so you could set diff combination of cells. Also I understood it, but maybe dumb down the upgrade system a bit for the masses. Also, this is just personal, but... I'm color blind, lol. So upgrade system kind of a pain, but my problem not yours. But if you could change it just a little bit... lol. Just for me. I thought this game was refreshing, creative and overall a unique spin from anything I've seen in a while. Go commercial, nuff said.

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3.64 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2010
12:32 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)