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Emotional Boy

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Author Comments

I'm still working on it here and there. (still adding on ;] )
It kinda feels done, but then it doesn't.
and please no saying, "It would be better if you had a story to it" or "clean up your lines"
I know it would be better if it had some kind of theme, I'm aware my lines are all over the place.
But unfortunatly the original file got deleted...

Song: "Synthia" by Worm is Green

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nice work

I like how its coming along nicely. The animation looks to be coming off on a good start. The song flows as smoothly as the animation, so excellent choice with the music. I would love to see more of your work. Keep it up.

Evil-eS responds:

Thank you :]
everyone's' comments make me want to make this animation all the more better

I did not realize it was two guys

I thought it was the same guy, at first. Maybe make them more distinguishable, as you add on to it.

OR! Maybe it is the same guy... fighting with himself? Not a bad idea, huh? ;-)

Anyway, I would have given a higher score if it were finished. I'd prefer a rough draft, finished, as opposed to a loop of something really good, that is unfinished. Not saying that what you've put is bad, though. It's gonna be amazing when you finish

Evil-eS responds:

Thank you.
haha yea they're just best friends fighting
try not to look into it
song also has nothing to do with the situation X3

aww... he just needs a hug.

it does need more to it...but somehow this seems to be enough! nicely done!


This is the type of animation I want to see 5/5 10/10
it's a step in the right direction

Very artistic!

Obviously this isn't finished, so I'm going to pretend it's finished. The animation and art is very smooth and nice (is it frame by frame?). This could be quite a nice silent animation if completed. Keep going!

Evil-eS responds:

<:] thank you very much.
yep all frame by frame
not a single copy and paste or tween
:D; its a lot of work