Virtual Strip Poker

March 27, 2010 –
February 4, 2012
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Author Comments

This is our first ever Virtual Strip Poker. We wanted to make a game where you feel like you're sitting there playing with a real girl or as close to a live one as possible. This game has tons of motion video clips of Brooke playing strip poker. She will talk to you (so don't forget to Jack up the volume.) Click on her and see her reactions. Click on her when she is standing and she will give you a sexy dance or tease. This game is fully functional. She strips down to her Lingerie only in this version. She does randomly choose which piece to strip so you will get a replayable unique experience each time. Enjoy!

(Note: This game does require a fairly decent Internet Connection, so if you're lagging in seeing motion video, then it might be you are on a slow connection.)


The only reason i goive this an 8 is becaus i wished she would get fully naked, but good game none the less =D

I won a round with five 5's

It works well, but after getting the bowtie off it seems like the odds are greatly against me. I won maybe 1 in 10 games. I really wanted to see the ending but oh well, haha.

I played this game to the end. Lil pissy that she bugged for the last clip. Also theres another bug- if you get her to the second , third or fourth round and she starts taking your chips you can exit the game; then return later and she will only have 100 chips. Worked in my favor cause she had 179 and i had about 230. I reset the game and had 300 and she had 100.

She cheated she beat my pair of 3's with three 3's and there are only four 3's in a deck.

Agonizingly slow game with completely unnecessary extra steps and random freezes which force you to start over completely. Sorry, but this is simply a bad game.

Nice try but this same effort has been done better by others. The game is so miserably slow that by the time she took off her vest and her bowtie I wasn't interested in what was underneath. You need to make threads out of potentially parallel actions so that at least things like telling you she's folding, putting down the cards and giving you the "Deal" button can happen in parallel. I hope the problems are simply implementation sequencing issues because if you are slow because of performance issues on a machine with my system's horsepower and memory I'd hate to see the poor fool who tried this on an older machine...

After a few hands, the game freezes. It'll say "I check"... and nothing happens.

Might want to fix that.

There are too many unnecessary steps in the process. Why change the view of the hand back and forth? Just takes time and processing without reason. Why have a dialoug box and have the girl talk?
I still have not gotten to see the girl so nothing to add there., but I am not enjoying her stupid comments

takes a while to get her to strip some of use dont have the time to make her strip

This game suuuuuuuuuuux. I had an ace high but it told me I had a nine high. GAY

The animations are really good, the girl's cute but hell! That's soooo slooooow. Man! We are the Internet generation! If you can't have it in 5 clicks and 10 secs, it's not worth it.

I like it, the poker is challenging but not impossible. I like the way she "calls your bluff" in cases where you probably are bluffing. Only 8 stars though becuase this is only a demo.

You don't get to see anything worthwhile.

As far as ways to improve the game go, it really doesn't make any sense to have her saying "let's see what you got" the first time she calls. Save that for the second. And would it really have been so onerous to record video of her saying "I call" and "I check" separately? It's these little details that make or break these games.

Too see an actual challenge in one of these games. I haven't beaten it yet, but when I do you better hope this chick (or whatever chick you show naked) is hawt, or else I will destroy your score lol.

I won the first round where she takes her vest off, but good lord, that's a LOT of winning you have to do to see something that takes three clicks to find anywhere else on the net.

I'm not saying you have to make it retarded-easy, but jeeze, make it worth the effort!


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3.02 / 5.00