Maverick Bus

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MAVERICK BUS has his own rules
MAVERICK BUS follows his own path
MAVERICK BUS doesn't flip flop on one way streets
MAVERICK BUS was created on a bus

Mostly created on a London bus in November '08 in Klik and Play, ported to flash through Clickteam's new SWF exporter tool.

Bus Sprite by MightyPea
Music by Pixel (from Cave Story)




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Oh man, Klik and Play.

Instant 10 for nostalgia right there.

There seem to be a lot of "you are a car and you dodge things" games made in KnP, Game Maker, etc., but this... well, it would be one of the better ones if not for the invincibility bug. And there's no music, which knocks it down a bit; if you want to keep people playing a very simple game that doesn't ever change, you'll almost certainly need good music. The bit about running over the little bastards in the middle of the road (er, well, "picking up passengers") is an interesting addition to an archetype (it's not big enough or varied enough to be called a genre) that normally revolves solely on dodging.


That was amzing. i don't knoew why people think it is so rubbish because it is not. i can understand why they think it's so hard but it was made in london, where the traffic is always crazy. amazing effort. high score 1250!

Bus Action!

but the jaywalkers killed it. They move way too fast, but other than that it was fun!

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Wait- what?

As I died for the first time, I tried again (tbh, after reading huhgesta's comment, I wanted to try to beat that score). When I achieved 6000, I crashed with a green car... and nothing happened. I kept driving and all. After I while, I had already crashed with anything and kept going! In fact, the game is still running as I type this, with 80000 as score, more or less. I'm immortal now! ... <Is this a glitch?>
Anyway, this was fun, but the green people were much faster than cars, and that's illogical. Still, 10/10.

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2.99 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2010
12:47 PM EDT
Action - Other