Plague of Altera

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Productive Productions is a small flash game production company. We started this about a year ago, we meaning my programmer and I. We had the idea of making a tower defense game, but with multiple bosses. Something you don't see in a typical tower defense game. This was our first project so we were a bit clueless for half of it (at least I was). Even after you're done with part of the project, you feel like you could go back and redo everything, but of course that would take entirely too much time. XD

We hope you enjoy our game, we put a lot of effort into it. Be on the lookout for our second game that is currently in production!

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For a first attempt...

Not bad at all.

I voted 5/5, but im only going to give you 7/10 in the actual review for the following reasons.

#1. At the loading screen with the adverts, the only way to continue the game (except popping it out i assume due to the previous comments), past the adverts is by hitting tab until the 'skip ads' button is selected offscreen.

#2. The final level is insanely difficult. I have tried multiple aproaches to achieve victory. from cavalry rushes to holding off for siege weapons (which it turns out are useless due to resurrecting blue monsters destroying them) to mages wiping out rows at a time.

Its amazing for your first attempt, but it does fall short somewhat by the end.

I liked it

I really like it! It's not the best I've seen, but, for a first project, it's good. The gameplay is well balanced, the story is ok, and the graphics, even if not awesome, are good. I'm not experiencing any bugs (I'm using Chrome), so I'll give it a 9/10. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to seeing your next game!


The game was very fun overall. Very creative and very simple. It's quite addicting. The beginning levels were a bit easy, but they were fast enough that it didn't bother me. The sorceress, however, was an ungodly challenging mess that took me forever to beat. I didn't mind the challenge at all in itself, but the fact that the beginning levels were so easy and the final boss so freaking hard was just a massive change of pace. There were a lot of bugs, though. First of all, the game only plays in pop-up mode, it stops at the main screen in normal (I'm running firefox 3.6 with fully updated flash) I refreshed it multiple times and tried a few ways to get past the main menu, but I only could by opening a pop-up. Secondly, the text overruns all the boxes and sometimes overruns itself, so you might want to look into how you set up your text boxes/text wrapping.

I'm glad there will be a sequel, and I'm looking forward to it. I would advise you to even out the difficulty level overall, add more levels, add more units, and add more upgrades. The game just needs more of everything. Overall, the game is fun, but it feels like it has so much more potential.

Thanks for the entertainment!



where's it?

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2010
11:01 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense