Legend of Dan

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Dan is a laughable character to take serious but i liked his story of how Gou Hibiki his father took out sagats eye then sagat beat him to death. Now i think the main reason i liked this story is because of the mystery behind it because capcom never produced any pictures or much story to this legend, so you end up being able to imagine what really happened in your head. This is my interpretation of what happened, in one of Dans endings it tells that Sagat throws the fight when he is challenged by Dan, but we all know that never happened i show what really happened between dan and sagat.

Also I used V-cam as2 and for some reason when it changes scenes it will show one frame from the scene its going into or something, so it will flash with an image real quick and its really fucking annoying, does anyone know whats going wrong with that or how i can fix it? thanks


Dan here...

No,that's not what happened during me and Sagat,though you've gotten my father's history correct,but that's the only thing I can say good about this movie.

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Fail, but WOW

Wow. WHAT A FAILURE. It seemed really hopeful, but WHY DIDN'T HE USE A KORYUKEN or something?!?!?

KillerKandyKorn responds:

bcuz Dan is an epic fail

that was a twist

that was cool and all but the way it dan was split in half was kinda cheesy but the fact it happened was awesome

I lol'ed

Who knew Sagat was such a baddass!?

KillerKandyKorn responds:

saagat is a badass

That was a fun way to have the story told! Click!

Nice work, and no, I dont know how to fix that issue.

KillerKandyKorn responds:

i figured it out, it happens when you switch the layer that the camera is on. I guess i should just be more organized

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Mar 26, 2010
10:31 AM EDT