Savage Mayhem 3

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another cartoon i made heavily inspired by the madness series

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Very well done, but it could be a little more smooth. The animation is long, and that is hard to do, but something that i don't like was the screen changing every 3 seconds. Other than that, very good. 8/10

May as well review this...

SolitaireStars is right about the monster, but I liked the animation overall. A bit longer than I expected, I commend you on your perseverance in making something that long.

So it was five minutes of senseless violence. Who doesn't love that?

savage011 responds:

it was actually 2 minutes and 40 seconds, thanks of the review thought! and i guess i should have made the monster last longer.

Dude it's Raphael from Ninja Turtles with GUNS

Story ---

In my opinion this Submission gives the two main characters to easy of a time. Why would I feel for their struggle if they just breeze past every screen of enemies in under 30/20 Seconds? ( Just dial 1-800 HENCHMEN, 100% GUARENTEED USELESSNESS! )

No Cover is ever taken any tactics they just run through group after group of unskilled enemies, then fight a Villain that's really unexplained and then they Die after a flight on the airplane. I've watched this 5 times and the only reason I can fathom is this:

The Bad Guy Kidnapped the Main Character's Friend so he goes on a Ragtag mission to save him utterly Destroying everything in his wake to get to him then go after the Bad Guy in enemy territory. Eventually they meet up with the bad guy he summons a big red Demon thing which is killed practically right after it appears, then they chase him over a lake? River? Not sure go over the land to an underground airstrip where they brawl it out on the plane in flight (Wind does not exist to push them off even though they're cutting through the air on a plane. ) where the Bad Guy Dies, the Plane Crashes and then they die. Simple Revenge Story, I guess.

It was really simple to get his friend back, you'd think the Bad Guy would expect he would be coming if he kidnapped his best friend or someone important to him especially if he was skilled with weapons.

Then the Demon thing which I thought would put up more of a Fight Dies in two seconds, if the bad guy trusts him with handling BOTH of them I imagine he'd be far stronger.

Graphics ---

It's a start. It does it good for this Animation though.
Enemies appear instantly, try tweening them to walk on the screen
Guns Appear rather randomly as well such as that shotgun the Main character gets before the Motorcycle Chase.
The Inside of the Tank is FAR larger than the outside.
The Villain Grows GIANT to fit the hole at the top of the Nuclear Tower.
The Villain pulls a Shotgun out of his Ass during the Plane Fight.
Crashing into a Nuclear Plant with a Plane the Size of a Nuclear Plant would create an explosion far larger than the one depicted.

Sounds ---

They do the movie Justice, nothing synched to the music but it's efficient.

Miscellaneous ---

I've had alot to nitpick about and I apologize for my Rambling but, I feel the Weapons were a bit Unoriginal. While I understand maybe the Villain didn't have access to technology necessary to create something like that ( After all he likes Kidnapping people and hanging out in Random Buildings waiting for the hero. Due to a lack of Character building that's all I can assume. ) I feel a bit disappointed because it would've given the two main characters a little more challenge and something to work with or figure out.

Hell you could've added more Monsters, Orcs, You name it. I swear man just Go Crazy that's the whole point of full auto animations like this, look at Krinkels he has a Giant Flaming White Clown, JESUS IS A MAIN FIGHTER so do whatever you have to or want to do.

I'll stop though I could go on, I don't want to torture anyone else with poor grammar.

Invest more time and enjoy making movies like this it'll pay off if you keep doing it.

savage011 responds:

damn dude you really reached into this, im happy someone put so much effort into reviewing my flash. I sure hope i get more reviews like this

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3.98 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2010
9:07 PM EDT