Robot Pirates (Official)

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EDIT: Increased audio quality upon request. Thanks for all of the great reviews, you guys are awesome!
EDIT: 100K views? Thanks to all of you that have watched this, and especially to those of you that have watched it ten or more times, or sang the song at school, haha. :D

In collaboration with Andrew from Songstowearpantsto.com!

Comments are appreciated! If you have a question about robots or pirates, I'll do my best to answer it.

Twitter: @lawlolawlpete
Web: www.lawlolawl.com

"Speakonia, a music video, and music by Songs To Wear Pants To? By Poseidon, this is nearly too good to be true! After reading this sentence full of pirate innuendos, embark on a salty voyage upon the sea of Flash with a boat of Lawlolawl."



This was epic on so many levels. I would recomend this to anyone. great job.


Where can I get this song?????????? This is the greatest song ever!!!!

In case it was not obvious, I enjoyed this song thoroughly.

It has a good tempo, the use of synthetic voices is enjoyable, the lyrics are fun and somewhat nonsensical, the music is (as far as I can tell) quite original, and the concept is marvelous.

Great job lawlolawlstudios.


This is one of the best videos i have seen in a long time good job!


You should check if you can get the artist who made the song can upload it for download.

teh bomb

I loved it so much that i found the lyrics. Here they are
Yo ho ho and a bottle of RAM
Yo matie strait out of Davy Jones locker this one dude is out to all my fellow robot pirates we'd be bringing it with skulls and crossbones
throw your antennas in the air and wave them like you don't just compute
we are the robot pirates
we have robot functions but we have pirate duties for instance we're able to reboot and we search for booty
we wear eye-patches and are feared by the masses I have a parrot sitting on my titanium-chassis
that's why you'll hear him say "Polly want a cracker" she's powered by a miniature nuclear reactor she helps to defend our ship from many attackers
who's your biggest enemies COMPUTER HACKERS
We are the robot pirates
we are made of metal from our head to our privates
we are the robot pirates
robots are good pirates are good
we do all the things that a robot should
I spoke to him binary and he understood
we also do the things that a pirate should
my leg malfunctioned so I got one made out of wood
yes break it down now I'm really feeling that beat
shake it shake shake it
shake it shake shake it
shake it shake shake it
shake it like a sword with a dead guy on it
shake it shake shake it
shake it shake shake it
shake it shake shake it
shake it like a sword with a dead guy on it
we are the robot pirates
we are made of metal from our heads to our privates
we are the robot pirates
Instead of a chest treasure goes in memory banks
If you try to shut me down I will make you walk the plank
I can cut people open and I don't have to try
and I got a sweet telescope built into my eye
Though I have to indulge with the ladies begging
watch me mop the whole poop-deck in eleven seconds
I can drop the anchor cause I know how to work it
we can't touch the water cause it makes a short circuit
we are the robot pirates

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