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jumping turtles

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a months worth of work. I drew a frame, took a picture, erased the last frame, and repeated that about 1000 times. It's stop motion, and you can even kind of see the erased previous frames if you look closely. There's a little bonus after the very short credits, so watch it.

just about 8mb, so be patient.

front page, daily third, weekly fourth, and the score goes up? talk about a front page treatment :)
also, more favorites than reviews? that means a lot guys :))))))))]]]]]]]]]]}}}}}}

SHOUT OUT TO MR.NEAL!!!! thank-you for the praise, that's what I wake up in the morning for!

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So much to love...

I love this so much, I love the fact that you can see the erasure marks on the other frames, it adds a trippy nature to the film as a whole. I love the song (did you play that?) it's so soothing/ The whole thing reeks of simplicity and that is what makes this so beautiful.

And the fact that you reply a lot of reviews is a SUPER MEGA INFINITY plus, it shows that you are humble and it feels nice to write a review in hopes that the author reads it to see what he/she did right/wrong and that they actually do read it. A lot of the time people say they read the reviews but they don't.

turtleco responds:

I'm not humble, I'm just some fag on the internet