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jumping turtles

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a months worth of work. I drew a frame, took a picture, erased the last frame, and repeated that about 1000 times. It's stop motion, and you can even kind of see the erased previous frames if you look closely. There's a little bonus after the very short credits, so watch it.

just about 8mb, so be patient.

front page, daily third, weekly fourth, and the score goes up? talk about a front page treatment :)
also, more favorites than reviews? that means a lot guys :))))))))]]]]]]]]]]}}}}}}

SHOUT OUT TO MR.NEAL!!!! thank-you for the praise, that's what I wake up in the morning for!

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So much to love...

I love this so much, I love the fact that you can see the erasure marks on the other frames, it adds a trippy nature to the film as a whole. I love the song (did you play that?) it's so soothing/ The whole thing reeks of simplicity and that is what makes this so beautiful.

And the fact that you reply a lot of reviews is a SUPER MEGA INFINITY plus, it shows that you are humble and it feels nice to write a review in hopes that the author reads it to see what he/she did right/wrong and that they actually do read it. A lot of the time people say they read the reviews but they don't.

turtleco responds:

I'm not humble, I'm just some fag on the internet

One of my favorites.

I admire your style of animation, and you do it so well.
Great animation.
Great characters.
Great Story.
Just Great.

turtleco responds:

Great review.



turtleco responds:



are you replying to everyone o.O?

After your recommendation

Last month, I watched your flash "the special present", and I asked you for a recommendation for another one of your flashes to watch. You pointed me in this direction-- very good call. This flash is fantastic, beautiful, and just shows how much dedication you bring to your work.

I wasn't really sure what to expect once it started, but I loved the sort of abstract nature of the turtle's journey. The erased previous frames actually made the entire thing look very cool, as it looked as though you were looking at something traveling through time-- almost an after-burner of the turtle's journey, seeing what once was. Fantastic stuff.

The fact that you did that like 1,000 times is immensely impressive, and I'm just fascinated by the quality of the artwork. This is great work, and you were definitely right to direct me here. Well done.

Out of curiosity, how long did this take you to make? I'm just kinda curious I guess.

turtleco responds:

it took nearly exactly a month. Keep in mind that I wasn't working non-stop. I worked in maybe 5-8 hours per weekend and maybe an extra 2-4 over the week. It could have been made in 2-4 days if I really worked hard. I just wanted to do something relaxing and therapeutic, and it turned out great apparantly.

Also, I'm glad my recommendation led you to enjoy this flash, hope I can make more stuff you can enjoy in the future.