Zombie Survival Quiz 2

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The Zombie Survival Quiz returns with improved visuals, new questions, Twitter functionality, and a revamped Grade System. Do you still pass the test, or are you doomed to an unlife of shuffling the lifeless wastes?

After answering all 50 questions, your answers are used to grade your survivability in the event of a large-scale zombie outbreak. This quiz is not as forgiving as the last.


rating =D

i got a C suck that sebastien hahahahahahaha

very well done

i see you used max brook's solonum zombie as your test. that is a very good example for any quiz. im glad to say i passed without difficulty, with the help of my copy of The Zombie Survival Guide.

I might live

I got a C but, I'm sure i'll learn quickly. with the right people and gear i'll be fine. Great quiz and well you already started with bonus points because I love apocalypses in general.

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A good quiz.
Electircal shock overloads the central nervous system, which can cause death under optimal conditions. Even without those conditions, it will cause a zombie's arms and legs to seize up and spasm out of control, rendering it a lesser threat while under current. It even says in the game that it is best used as a defensive perimeter weapon. As an offensive weapon it's useless.

Physical - A
Mental - B
Experience - B
Emotional - C
Overall - B+
I have a good chance to survive :D

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Mar 25, 2010
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