Zombie Survival Quiz 2

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The Zombie Survival Quiz returns with improved visuals, new questions, Twitter functionality, and a revamped Grade System. Do you still pass the test, or are you doomed to an unlife of shuffling the lifeless wastes?

After answering all 50 questions, your answers are used to grade your survivability in the event of a large-scale zombie outbreak. This quiz is not as forgiving as the last.



This is good

I only can say what have i did before in the first quiz, your theory about zombies are bad, you say that they are dead and controlled by a virus or something, but it is nonsense cuz dead organs/cells etc... do not function if they are dead, it's biology, it can't be changed.
But there is more bad things about your quiz: like the 3rd question, the answers were given in feets, that is a bit stupid cuz at least the 65% of the world uses meter as the lenght unit.
Same at 5th question...miles? i don't even know the exchange between mile and kilometer, the kilometer is more widespread.
The 7th question, is a bit weird, what if someone haven't finished his/her learning yet?
question 12...aha, and what if you are a woman and you get pregnant from the last "bargain"?! if you do not know how to give a birth to a baby you will be in a great freaking danger!
Question 15, the third answer can be true, there are lot of viruses and bacteries what are airborne.
Question 18...is there any good choices or it is just there to lower your rating?
Question 24, if the zombie doesn't start to mutate it's olfactory organs(what needs a big amount of time), it will going to smell as the host body did before get infected. If the zombie cares about smelling, the best way to mask your scent is to use rotting matter, if the zombo isn't intrested in smelling it's prey, your scent will be nothing to care 'bout.
Question 26...the crowbar...again...ok i tell this again: killing something bigger than a cat with a crowbar is extremely hard, it can't smash the skull, it is too light and the end of it isn't enough sharp to pierce it too. Have you even used one in real life?
Q29, this is interesting because the brain is capable to be inserted to a hive mind, so maybe the zombos after a bit mutation will make a hive mind and act like insects.
Q30, if you can carry something in your backpack or elsewhere(exept in your hands of course), you can carry that on you cycicle too, and some types have a little basket in front or behind you.
Q31, -,-" rly? by instinct? you said in the quiz before that they moan at the target to alert their "mates".
Q33, you said that the bolt-action rifle is the best before...so what is better the semi-automatic or the other one?!
Q36, -,-" before this you said that the zombos do not feed on corpses cuz they bite for spreading the disease...what is the correct??!
Q47, if a human can be reanimated, then any other beings can be(expept if they are immune), if the virus is specialized to humans then the wildlife isn't at the risk to be infected, they avoid zombies cuz they want to eat them...that is a bit oblivious.
Q49, in your theory maybe, but in a more logical way their bloodstream is active to keep the body function, so they bleed like us.
Q50 another attempt to lower statictics...it is a bit stupid.

At the end i got a C, the quiz before gave me a Z+, it is a bit funny cuz most of the questions used in the first one used here too.
And again, zombies are living things, they have to be or they wouldn't be able to even move or a simple thoght couldn't be achievable. It is biology, no virus/bacteria or any other parasites can change it.

Ok I like the quiz but allot of what you put in is bullshit a vest or armor shooed be a good choice because of this faced zombies can't bite you or scratch you and if your searching fore items and someone has a gun it just in case they shoot you in the chest it can save your life but other then that I love your quiz

good like the last one. but some things could still use some work, (I.E) Question 8 i don't have super formal training (hunters safety) but I trust myself with a gun. another one is 10 i don't have formal training but I've been in a few fights and can handle myself in a fight. another one is zombies don't adapt the virus does. to me there would be two strand of the virus. one the zombie would still be alive, but in a catonic state and the virus would be controling them and adapting the body around the prey they encountered (I.E) stronger leg muscle to run down prey, stronger arm muscles to wrestle prey to the ground, ect. the other strand would be the body is dead and the virus is attempting to spread the strand most effecently. other survivors would be monitored. and we'll see if they look friendly or not before aproching them. with The in the outbreak one, i'd head home first there'd be guns, water purifier, knives, wood, tools, large bags, a bow, the truck, water bottles, and way way to contact the group i have planned for this with (in the many brainstorming sessions with my friends to plan a game). next would be zombies could make a dead corpse a zombie if they can get the virus to the brain. a good one would be how can one get infected, i'd say bites scratches and blood to blood contact. another one to add could be what attracts zombies. noise. so if a zombie screams it will attract more to the spot the prey is at. With masking your scent Elk hunters have scentless soap you can use to mask your scent completly. with transport, i can make a gas siphon on foot isn't the best strategy i mean i'm heading to the coast with my group and taking a boat to a mostly uninhabited island. from where i live i'd be better off shooting my self in the head then walk there. some areas could use some work, but pretty good, but all in all a (2.5/5)

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