Zombie Survival Quiz 2

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The Zombie Survival Quiz returns with improved visuals, new questions, Twitter functionality, and a revamped Grade System. Do you still pass the test, or are you doomed to an unlife of shuffling the lifeless wastes?

After answering all 50 questions, your answers are used to grade your survivability in the event of a large-scale zombie outbreak. This quiz is not as forgiving as the last.


Good, good.

Interesting, but some of those aren't completely accurate. And Nick, seriously, Unnecessary.

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this sirisly depends on the person..and were tey live,even what they first start out with.
you say a grocery store is bad...but i happen to live really close to one,so i would be one of the dirst to get in to it.
for the learning...of course they could learn...even tho i have no proff..nither do you,and gold fish can...why couldn't a zombie?)
and zombie would have memories,if they didn't,they wouldn't be a threat in the slitest bit.
what you drive(i chose a bike( also depends on were you live)
also,burning somthing will be noticable......attracting things...making it bad to burn dead things
you really should say waht kind of weapon we have
also.....this quiz is misleading......it only has one direction,,,,,while many people would have many motives in a zombie apocolips suck as killing them all or die trying(emotionly crushed), serviving(selfish in some cases), making a sivaliation(meh...could become infected and destroyed),just the fact of moving on,go from place to place killing zombies as seen fit weather to intertan myself or to save myself

honistly.......there could be millons of possiblitys,and they all could be right

also....you should rethink aobut your facts......on the multible choice......you should not do what YOU think it is,but the worst out come...such as wildlife not being able to be infected.......

ok...that be all.......
and now that i have wrighten all of that....i asjk my self....why did i wright all that?

its kinda funny

all your zombie "facts" do not have any merit because they are based on fiction and during z day all bets are off and no one really knows what would happen.


Its a cool test but half the stuff is bull i mean this cock sucker dose not know what he's talking about

Pretty awesome

I have to say that is all very accurate and the hypothetical aspects are well done. Although, on the last question, I would personally just go ape shit with like an axe in one hand and my gun in the other, running into a group of zombies hoping to kill as many of I can before being killed. The pain would be sufficient punishment for me letting myself become infected.

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Mar 25, 2010
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