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The Zombie Survival Quiz returns with improved visuals, new questions, Twitter functionality, and a revamped Grade System. Do you still pass the test, or are you doomed to an unlife of shuffling the lifeless wastes?

After answering all 50 questions, your answers are used to grade your survivability in the event of a large-scale zombie outbreak. This quiz is not as forgiving as the last.


Got a Z+ (somehow) on the previous, and a C on this one, which, for the questions asked, is fair.
Though really zombie-survival also depends on terrain, as well as a metric crapton of other possible variables.
A rural forested town that has a river flowing nearby is more likely to be a good place to find survivors and animals vs the place I live in, and for someone that lives in a freaking-hot desert zombie survival would probably be almost a breeze as long as, again, there was a water source nearby. If IT happens, that's where I'm heading.

Im just an average person if an outbreak happens Or I Can learn more on the way.

Meh. I got a B.
However, I do concur with the person who wrote a review just before me. Some of the details are a bit foggy, and there are many gray areas that even a seasoned zombie-slaying gamer and reader (I've been playing Resident Evil since I was seven,) would have difficulty interpreting. Overall, pretty good, but a little more detail work would be nice.

This review comes from a zombie-philiac, a person who's mildly obsessed with the notion for the living dead, having read the Zombie Survival Guide, watched almost every zombie movie made, and (as terrible as it might sound) discussed the notion of surviving the zombie apocalypse for hours on end.

If this quiz has a fault, and it does... a glaring one, it's in it's inconsistency. If one is going to cite sources, then one needs to determine which sources are relevant and which aren't, or otherwise don't cite them. A better quiz might be "Zombie Survival According to Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide" or "According to George Romero's Original Trilogy". The quiz mentions both of them at the beginning.

What then do you do if the sources contradict? For example, the quiz:
says that zombies can't learn, and according to Brooks, they can't. But what if you're watching Romero and his take on Zombies, which according to his movies (most notably Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead) zombies can, and do, learn? Such a capacity for learning is paramount to the plotlines of either movies.
Or if the question of burning a zombie comes up. The quiz says no, but in Return of the Living Dead, it was the incineration of a zombie corpse that kickstarted a minor apocalypse. The smoke carried the zombification compound (a scientific impossibility, but then again, so is a corpse that doesn't need oxygen to move) lead to an acid rain that revived the dead from their graces. Not a true Romero source, but a popular zombie movie in it's own right.
The quiz says zombies only eat humans. In Night of the Living Dead, they ate animals as well. Brooks says no, the quiz says no, but Romero says yes.
Can corpses be brought back? Once again, the quiz says no, Brooks says no, Romero says yes.
The quiz says wildlife can't become infected. Though I rarely try to give this source credibility, the Resident Evil series has PLENTY of zombie animals, namely dogs and birds. The series isn't mentioned in the quiz, but it deserves mention all the same if this is to be a catch-all zombie quiz.
According to the quiz, electrification does nothing to a zombie. In the Return series, electrification was the ONLY way to defeat a zombie that doesn't cause further problems, though to be fair, this was established in the second Return of the Living Dead, which has been seen by few, and isn't well-liked by those who've seen it.

This quiz seems to lean almost entirely on Max Brook's interpretation of zombies, which would be fine if it were cited as such.
If one were to take this quiz, it'd be best to either accept it as "The Zombie Survival Quiz" with immediate citation to Brooks, and no one else. Either this, or simply give the quiz taker a scenario by which to know what kind of zombie's they're dealing with and how best to survive them.

My score (for relevancy purposes)
Original (while trying to cite both Brooks and other sources equally):
Physical: B
Mental: B
Experience: B
Emotion: C

Second (After recognizing Brooks bias):
Physical: B
Mental: A
Experience: A
Emotion: F
It would seem that Emotion is more of a recognition of compassion rather than how emotionally adjusted one would be to optimal survival. All the same, having a low score in this isn't apparently bad.

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Many of the questions are extremely relative to the situation. I got a high rating on the last quiz, and a low one on this one. They're both relatively inaccurate, compared to other quizzes I've taken.

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