Zombie Survival Quiz 2

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The Zombie Survival Quiz returns with improved visuals, new questions, Twitter functionality, and a revamped Grade System. Do you still pass the test, or are you doomed to an unlife of shuffling the lifeless wastes?

After answering all 50 questions, your answers are used to grade your survivability in the event of a large-scale zombie outbreak. This quiz is not as forgiving as the last.


i got a c

I really liked how the grading system makes more logical sense than that of the first game.
ZSQ1) Individual Grades: B, A, D, F
Me: F***, I got a D. *clicks "Next"*
Somehow I came up with a Z+.
ZSQ2) Individual Grades: C, B, A, B
Me: I should probably get a B for this one. *clicks "Next"*
Well, what do you know! I got a B (Yes, I know, I suck).
I also really like how more of the questions make you stop and think about the outcome if you were to really do that in a zombie outbreak. Example: "You can only take one of the following and don't have anything else. You choose..." You have to think about which one would benefit you the most with the least drawbacks (although you neglected to mention in the answer section that the sharp edges of the lids can also benefit, as you can use them as makeshift weapons until you find a better weapon to use).
But I kind of disliked how some good answers were removed. I have two examples of this.
Ex 1: "Do you have any experience with firearms?" You removed the Airsoft/Paintball gun option. This may not seem so bad, but it is, especially for younger audiences. People who have only used airsoft/paintball guns now have to choose between LESS than the right answer ("I don't have any experience" or "Only in video games") and MORE than the right answer ("I've fired a gun several times"), which can really change a score to less or more than what it should be.
Ex 2: "When an outbreak occurs, where do you go?" Why'd you remove "Home"? Home is one of the best locations (if not THE best location) to be to in a zombie outbreak, for multiple reasons. You are with your loved ones rather than strangers, you know the exact layout of everything in there, you have readily available weapons you know how to use (or, for younger audiences, your parents/guardians know how to use them and can teach you how to use them) which in my case would be multiple bows and sets of arrows the whole family knows how to use, and that one particular member has a hunting license for (BTW, I'm the youngest)
Another thing: You should add a question asking the user's age, and use that as a factor in his grades. If a person is less than 14 years old and has a "Taco", then that is perfectly acceptable and it should not lower his grades very much. However, if that same person seems numb based on his answers, that should affect his grades more than those of an adult, as a kid would normally be more emotional and understanding than his grown-up counterpart.

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I REALY like the explainations, which is why this game made it intro my favourites. You are a bit inconsequent with the lore relative to the first game. My presonaly favourite zombie lore is that the zombies can't be made dead again so you have to burn them to make them intro a dead thing again, and if you cut them in two, both parts will figit you individualy.

a number 2 !

i dont see how hard it is BRING IT ON... 5 miutes later... yep if an outbreak does ocur im dead meat

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