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This is just a quick game I threw together in 2 days.
It's suitable for all ages and great if you have a few minutes to kill. Though it's more of a kids game.

Not a hard game. It's my lazy tribute to the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series. (The two games they made, whatever)



i heard it's way past cooll

Dragonite dies when he isn't even close to touching another Pokemon. The Dodo doesn't even die when it does touch the hurdles. Meh. I know you didn't put much time into it, but that's what everyone seems to do with games related to their fandom, particularly Pokemon games. They have a great concept that could land them on the front page of Newgrounds and instead rush it and end up with something not fun to play. Why not work some more on it and fix it up? Put some time into it and add a bunch of new features? If someone made a game that was a giant collection of Pokemon mini games like the ones from the Pokemon Stadium games, I think that would be a lot of fun.

This is really only good for, say, one minute, but I guess it was made just to kill time. The graphics are decent, though.

one of my favourite games

This is so sweet
Its funny that the score was 2.50 than i voted 5 than it waent up to 2.77
Oh well love the game

StillBeatingPictures responds:

Glad you like it. Thanks for the vote and review.


But i've found two glitches. At the Doduo game, if you keep pressing the right button and jump over the first horde, you'll end up against the right ''wall''.
If you stay there, you can't get hit. This is the same with the Dragonite game.
Overall a nice game, but a little too small.

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StillBeatingPictures responds:

Seems an odd place to move the characters :P
I think it could be because of the instance names clashing or something.

It's only MEANT to be a small game, a quick one to kill a little time, but can be replayed with variations.
Thanks for the review.

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3.07 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2010
9:24 AM EDT
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