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These Are My Favorite

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The full title of this animation is "These Are My Favorite Ones To Look At." It's for someone I admire very much.

Oh, and if you want to get a better look at the individual faces that are on the loading screen, blinking really fast while looking at them should do the trick.

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That was pretty creative!

I really like how you mixed David Firth's music with a style reminiscent of Neil Freebairn's To Kill An Assassin (you should check that out when you get the chance). It's too bad that a lot of people missed out on checking this out, because this is one of the better music videos around. With that said...

In terms of art and animation, it's similar to To Kill An Assassin, but with much more in terms of actual animation. Speaking of which, I like it when people mix tweening and frame-by-frame together, and you did a great job at it. Plus, I liked how you synchronized the animation to David Firth's music. As for that part, you have made a wise choice when it came to Audio Portal music, something different outside of the metal and electronica (which I happen to like I might add). As much as I loved watching Katan, Bitey of Brackenwood, Tankmen: Dual, Serpent's Grave, and Fallen Angel; this is kinda reminiscent of the flash cartoons that were made between 2000-2003 when people on here were doing flash for the hell of it.

What I do like:
-Nice animation
-Original, which isn't as important as the final product
-Excellent timing
-Good song selection

What I don't like:
-The speed of the faces at the preloader was near blinding.

Overall: Here's a nine out of ten for doing something that I found quite enjoyable.


Yeah i would say this is abit on the random side but it was some pretty awsome randomness, which i really liked, it flowed along from scene to next scene and just an overall fun feel i especially like all the drawings and such on

this verywelldone right from the start

You may want to think about adding some color in there even if its just abit of it

A nice black and white random flash


Loved it

The art is amazing.

Pretty different

I really like the randomness of the drawings and animations. The music was a very nice addition as well as the synchronization.

Very good job.

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2010
7:29 AM EDT
Music Video

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